Motivation: 7 Ways

Written by Steve Gillman

Isn't a lack of daily motivation one ofrepparttar biggest problems we face when trying to better ourselves? We often know what to do, or at leastrepparttar 140311 first few steps. But we hesitate, something else catches our attention, or we just don't feel like doing what we need to do.

Want some help? Here are seven ways to get motivated - ways that have worked for others. If you find only one or two here that work for you, you'll be on your way.

Seven Methods For Daily Motivation

1. Create desire. Seerepparttar 140312 rewards of your effort clearly. This motivates many to sign up for get-rich-quick plans. A good salesman can have you living in your imagined dream home in minutes, and you'll feel motivated to do anything to make it real. Learn to be your own salesman.

2. Create pain. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming they teach you to link pain with not acting. An imaginary scene of your wife walking outrepparttar 140313 door with another man, as you sit there silently - that might motivate you to have that talk you've been avoiding.

3. Talk about your plans. Byrepparttar 140314 time I tell my wife about repparttar 140315 newsletter I'm going to write, I'm out of my slump and back atrepparttar 140316 keyboard.

4. Have a true interest. No interest at all might mean you need to do something else, but if it's just a task you dislike, relate it clearly in your mind torepparttar 140317 greater goal. I don't like to drive, but when I remember those mountains I'm going to, I get motivated to drive.

Public Speaking and the Law of Expectations

Written by Mike Moore

Public Speaking and The Law of Expectations by Mike Moore

The Law of Expectations states that we move toward and eventually realize what we expect from life. If you expect to be successful, if you work hard to achieve success and if you never give up, you will achieve your expectations.

When you combinerepparttar law of expectations with visualization you compound your possibilities. If you expect to be successful and visualize yourself as successfulrepparttar 140292 likelihood of you achieving success is certain. Remember, we tend to become what we expect to become.

When applied to public speaking it looks like this. When you are hired to give a speech expect it to be a sparkling, enthusiastic success. Visualize yourself as an interesting, witty, well informed master ofrepparttar 140293 art who totally enjoysrepparttar 140294 subject andrepparttar 140295 audience. Hold this expectation and vision in your mind firmly. Don’t let go of it for anything. Repeat over and over,” I tend to become what I expect to become and achieve what I expect to achieve.”

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