Motivating Unmotivated People

Written by John P. Strelecky

Motivating Unmotivated People

By John Strelecky- Author of The Why Are You Here Café

If you walk around a Walt Disney World resort or theme park, you are likely to witness something that in most other settings would seem bizarre. Notrepparttar presence of a large animated character, although you may witness that also. Rather, at any given moment, a person in dress clothes will be walking from one destination to another and will stop, pick up a piece of paper, a cup, or other piece of trash someone dropped, and throw it in a trash can. Executives do it, front line managers do it, hourly employees do it, everybody does it. There is no special monetary compensation for this behavior. No point system exists where $5 bonuses are given out for every fifteen pieces of trash that someone picks up. There is also no special monitoring system in place which watches for people who don't do it and then issues penalty points or demerits. Yet, people are motivated to do it anyway. Now, picking up trash may not be your top concern, but are there other things in your department, division, or company that you would like your employees to do? Are you looking for ways to motivate your people? The answer is not pixie dust or magic. The key is being very good at employing five essential motivation steps. To some leaders these steps can seem intimidating. First time managers in particular, who were promoted because of their individual skills are often uncomfortable with these ideas. Many times they feel people should just do what needs to be done "Because that is what they get paid for." Or they believerepparttar 150609 only way to motivate people is to give them more money. Successful motivators don't think that way. They know that by followingrepparttar 150610 five steps, people can be motivated far beyond what they get paid for, and far more effectively than when money isrepparttar 150611 only incentive.

Step #1 Clearly Articulate What Needs to be Accomplished and Why Oftenrepparttar 150612 problem with getting people to accomplish things is not that they are unmotivated, it is that they are uninformed. Leaders discuss goals with their peers and superiors on a regular basis and are therefore intimately familiar with them. Because of this familiarity, they mistakenly assume all of their employees also know them. Usually this is notrepparttar 150613 case. Take time to explain to all of your employees exactly what needs to be accomplished andrepparttar 150614 reasons why. Don't forgetrepparttar 150615 "Why?" Knowing that enables people to make educated choices in their day to day decisions. For example,repparttar 150616 output from a team at a market research company whose goal is to launch three new products, will vary greatly depending on if they know thatrepparttar 150617 "Why?" is becauserepparttar 150618 company is losing market share to competitors with products that can be downloaded fromrepparttar 150619 Internet. Goals should always include specific numeric objectives and timelines. A goal of "Improve Customer Service" is nebulous and people won't know how they are doing in their efforts to achieve it. However, "Decrease customer wait times to 10 seconds by June 1st" is something people can visualize and work toward.

Step #2 Involve People in Findingrepparttar 150620 Solutions People are more motivated to succeed at something if they personally choose to attempt it. Therefore, managers should involve their people in choosingrepparttar 150621 goalsrepparttar 150622 group needs to accomplish. If this is not possible, then involving people inrepparttar 150623 creation of how to achieverepparttar 150624 goals isrepparttar 150625 next best thing. Their involvement will generate buy in and also opens uprepparttar 150626 opportunity for an optimal solution. Successful coaches use this technique on a regular basis. While it is true they watch hours and hours of game films looking for weaknesses in their own team as well as their competitors, they also involve their players in findingrepparttar 150627 best way to win. They do it because no matter how much film they watch, or how close they are torepparttar 150628 game, they aren't inrepparttar 150629 game. The perspectives of players or employees who are inrepparttar 150630 midst ofrepparttar 150631 action can be drastically different from a coach or a manager who is nearrepparttar 150632 action. If those perspectives aren't incorporated intorepparttar 150633 solution, two things will happen. First, those inrepparttar 150634 midst ofrepparttar 150635 action will feel that no-one is listening to them, and they will become unmotivated. Second, decisions will be made without incorporating allrepparttar 150636 relevant data. Both of these will negatively impact progress towardrepparttar 150637 goals.

Techno Marketing

Written by Upal Chakraborty

Inrepparttar IT sector, Technical Knowledge is really necessary. Whetherrepparttar 150477 person is in Sales, Customer Support, Marketing and nevertheless inrepparttar 150478 Technical Department. We need to upgrade ourselves everyday & everymoment. Its just like a doctor who needs to upgrade with new medicines and therapies everyday. Butrepparttar 150479 main magical word is marketing & sales. Withrepparttar 150480 knowledge we are implemention many new things, thats good but we need to market those products. I'm not talking aboutrepparttar 150481 market. Just talking aboutrepparttar 150482 new product

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