Motherhood And Madness

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn

When her husband suddenly walked out on her, my friend Barbara was a very young mother of four children betweenrepparttar ages of two and six. Her husband had become addicted to pot and their marriage had begun to disintegrate. Barbara was a “good girl” and she had sixteen years of perfect attendance Sunday School pins to attest to this fact. She had left college to marry her childhood sweetheart, and a family was soon onrepparttar 126307 way. No money and sudden single motherhood almost threw her overrepparttar 126308 edge.

Depressed, scared and overwhelmed, she found herself filled with feelings hitherto unfelt. Her nerves were frayed, she wanted to scream and whenrepparttar 126309 children screamed she wanted to shut them up any way she could. Terrified that she would harm her children, she would lock herself in a closet until she could regain control of her feelings. I was always impressed by her ingenious solution.

Barbara had no family and no support inrepparttar 126310 neighborhood. In desperation, when she could musterrepparttar 126311 energy, she would pack all four children on a bus and visit her ailing mother for what minimal help and solace her mother could offer. Days seemed dark and there were many nights where Barbara would have just as soon not seenrepparttar 126312 next day. She had no job skills, so she went on welfare to survive. Withrepparttar 126313 little money that she was able to scrounge, she found a therapist tohelp her. “Dorree,” she once told me, “If I could findrepparttar 126314 money to get professional help, anyone can. Don’t ever let any one tell you otherwise.” It was a lesson I learned well.

According to Barbara, therapy saved her life. Slowly, she began to function andrepparttar 126315 closet no longer seemedrepparttar 126316 only hope of saving herself and her kids. This event had happened many years ago, beforerepparttar 126317 advent of drugs, and support groups and even religious outreach programs. Pretty much all alone, Barbara began to rebuild her life and to mother her children. Eventually she remarried.

People Are Like Tea Bags

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn

Put them in hot water and they grow stronger — except for those that don’t.

On a recent trip to a distant state, my husband and I unexpectedly met a couple visitingrepparttar same sightseer’s monument that we were. After speaking for a while, one of those delightful and unexpected light bulbs went on and we realized they were related to two close friends of ours. So of course, we decided to hang out longer than we had planned and soon we were having dinner and talking as if we had to know everything we could about each other. We talked like long lost friends and because we knew we would probably never see each other again. We spoke secrets —repparttar 126306 way one does with their hairdresser orrepparttar 126307 person you sit next to on a plane. Instant intimacy secured withrepparttar 126308 sureness that no real intimacy or connection would ever develop.

They were a vivacious couple, happily married for over thirty years, developers of a thriving business and parents of three wonderful grown children. Eileen had beenrepparttar 126309 “bad” sister who was always in trouble,repparttar 126310 child, whose parents never expected to amount to anything positive. She had dropped out of high school and her parents had suggested that she get a job and not even bother finishing her basic education. Barbara, her “good” sister had breezed through school with excellent grades and a fine reputation. She had always made her parents proud. Barbara and her husband were our close friends. Although we thought we knew them relatively well, we had never heard about Eileen and her family. We thought it strange that we never knew that they existed.

Quite rightly so, Eileen and her husband, were very proud of their accomplishments. They were delighted withrepparttar 126311 fact that they had fooledrepparttar 126312 world and that they had played a cosmic joke on all who had predicted their failure. Following their own adventurous path, they had achievedrepparttar 126313 success that everyone told them they never would.

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