Most Effective And Most Inexpensive Ad

Written by Bilal Babic

Probably you presume that I will write about eZine ads. No I wont.

Even though they are effective and inexpensive, they will come only after you successfuly accomplishrepparttar most important ad in Internet Business - your own Web page.

What? You consider Web site as a product not as an ad. Well, in business Web page is an ad.

These days if you are in any kind of business, not having your own Web page is like not being in business at all. Look at any television or print ad and you'll seerepparttar 100970 URL included atrepparttar 100971 bottom. Why? I'll tell you why. Having your own Web page is an amazingly simple and effective way for advertising with possibility of reaching thousands of people, if done well. Butrepparttar 100972 best part is that it's amazingly inexpensive.

For a couple of bucks you can have something nearly as valuable as a magazine spread. Instead of buying an extremly expensive full-page ad in major magazine, you can instead buy a low-cost classified ad inrepparttar 100973 same publication, wich lists URL of your Web site.

Your classified ad becomes "ad for your ad". But whilerepparttar 100974 classified is just a few tiny words, it points to your full color, electronic, dazzling Web page wich, if done well, can sell better than anything.

Furthermore, your Web page do a lot of things that print ad cannot. Your Web page can display moving pictures, animation, sound - all focused on delivering your best sales message.

Andrepparttar 100975 best thing, a Web page is interactive. It actively engagesrepparttar 100976 mind and imagination of your prospect. They can be informed, entertained and best of all - sold!

How To Choose the Right Ezines For Your Ads

Written by Michael Southon

Do you feel bewildered when you begin an Ezine Advertising campaign?

I do.

Take 'The Free Directory of Ezines', for example. There are over 800 Ezines inrepparttar Directory that accept paid ads. How do you decide which Ezines to place your ad in?

There are several factors that narrow downrepparttar 100969 choice for me.

First, I look atrepparttar 100970 subscriber numbers. If an Ezine has less than 400 subscribers, I move on.

Then I look atrepparttar 100971 Publication Dates. I prefer to advertise in Ezines that are published weekly, or even more frequently; I don't want to wait a month my ad to appear.

Then I look atrepparttar 100972 number of ads that appear in each issue. If an Ezine has more than 15 ads per issue, I give it a miss; I want my ad to be seen.

Then I look atrepparttar 100973 payment method; ifrepparttar 100974 Ezine doesn't accept online payment withrepparttar 100975 major credit cards, I move on.

Then I look atrepparttar 100976 Ad Rates - on a 'blind date' like this,repparttar 100977 most I'm prepared to pay for an Ezine ad is about $20.

Finally, I look at whenrepparttar 100978 Ezine was last updated. Ifrepparttar 100979 Ezine listing is more than 6 months old,repparttar 100980 ad rates have probably gone up, or mayberepparttar 100981 Ezine itself has folded up.

These are all factors that you can use to narrow down your search forrepparttar 100982 right Ezine for your Ads. But it's still a 'stab inrepparttar 100983 dark'.

There's another technique, however, for choosingrepparttar 100984 right Ezines for your ads. Basically, you want Ezines that will give you a high response-rate to your ad. The following technique will tell you this with pinpoint accuracy. I used this strategy a couple of months ago and it produced excellent results.

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