Mortgage Reduction Solutions

Written by T.L. McMullen


Today’s sluggish economy has left millions of people struggling to financially make ends meet. Lou Dobb’s coined phrase “Assault onrepparttar Middle Class” continues. Virtually every corner you turn screams inflation and rising expenses. The sky-high cost of fuel and other commodities is ultimately passed to us weary consumers. Salaries once adequate for providing comfortable family living are now stretched torepparttar 145167 limits, leaving many people in search of additional income sources to help bridgerepparttar 145168 gap.


If you look at major expenses inrepparttar 145169 average person’s life, it's easy to identify mortgage or rent obligations atrepparttar 145170 top ofrepparttar 145171 list. Home ownership is one ofrepparttar 145172 biggest living expenses and frequentlyrepparttar 145173 hardest to obtain.

According torepparttar 145174 the Federal Housing Finance Board, and data analyzed from over 23,000 home loans from over 75 lenders,repparttar 145175 U.S. national average purchase price for a single-family home reached $264,540 in October 2004. This average is up fromrepparttar 145176 $243,756 average for October 2003.

A $260,000 home loan financed at 6% interest will costrepparttar 145177 consumer an estimated whopping $301,179.29 in interest overrepparttar 145178 course of 30 years. Shorten this loan to 15 years andrepparttar 145179 home owner will be paying an estimated $2,200.00 per month with approximately $135,000 going to interest. These figures do not include taxes and insurance estimates sorepparttar 145180 actual costs are even higher.

How to Become Successful in the field of Financial Consultants

Written by Randy Wilson

Financial Consultants are one ofrepparttar fastest growing industries today. More and more people are requiringrepparttar 145157 services of a finance consultant to get out of debt, and/or prepare for educational and retirement expenses. The knowledge these consultants have creates an income potential for everyone involved.

Becoming a financial consultant takes time and money. It is not a get-rich-quick business, but it does lead to an unlimited income potential. Before you do anything else, you need to decide if you are committed to makingrepparttar 145158 time to become a finance consultant. If you decide you are, then delve deeper and learn more.

Financial consultants are also called investment consultants, because they help you plan financially through investments. The best thing to do when you decide to become an investment consultant is to contact one ofrepparttar 145159 many financial planning organizations such asrepparttar 145160 Financial Planning Association.

You will need to become a member of many of these financial consultant associations. You are also required to take class and an exam, before you can provide financial consultant services. Each association has its own credentialing system. While it is not necessary to have allrepparttar 145161 certifications, it is best to have several for professionalism and credibility.

Until you receive certification, you should getrepparttar 145162 requirements fromrepparttar 145163 Securities and Exchange Commission as well as your State regulatory Authority for financial consultants. It is also required that you register with these agencies as well asrepparttar 145164 NASD and obtain licenses from them.

Once you are certified and licensed you are ready to open your investment consultant company. However, a few things need to be done before seeking clients. You will need to decide how you will be compensated for your services, and if you will specialize in a type of planning, such as estate planning, or generalize. You will also want to begin networking with other local people inrepparttar 145165 industry, such as accountants and lawyers.

Financial consultants have four compensation methods to choose from. When deciding onrepparttar 145166 compensation method for you, decide if you want to obtain more licenses and certifications. In almost any event, you will need to partner with insurance companies and at least on e securities broker/dealer.

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