Morgan, Lafitte and Merovingians

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The following missive starts to show a little of what I suspected and when I receiverepparttar documents my book on these people will have many other avenues to explore I am sure.

“I have documents concerning one Jean Lafitte, it is possibly Jean Lafitterepparttar 139010 pirate after Galveston. Jean Lafitte lived in Cuba with Arsenne Lacarriere Latour. In a letter dated 1829 from Latour to Edward Livingstone Latour identified Jean Lafitte withrepparttar 139011 name code "Maison Rouge". It isrepparttar 139012 name ofrepparttar 139013 house of Jean Lafitte at Galveston. In 1827 this Jean Lafitte went to Bordeaux, his native city and bought a castle named "Chateau Lafitte" and other house named "Maison Rouge" at Gradignan near BORDEAUX. Jean Lafitte’s death occurred on 14/03/1858 at GRADIGNAN (this village of Gradignan isrepparttar 139014 village ofrepparttar 139015 DELAS family). In New Orleans archives exists a Delas/Lafitte connexion. This coincidences are very very strange because it's possible Jean Lafitterepparttar 139016 pirate after Galveston and Cuba returned to France at Bordeauxrepparttar 139017 native city and I have a photo post card of this "Maison Rouge" withrepparttar 139018 French inscription: ‘La Maison Rouge ayant appartenu à Jean Lafitte 1828/1858.This message for Pam Keyes a Jean Lafitte specialist. Best regards. P. LAFITTE.’” (1)

This person lives in France and he mentions another name that a person from that region would have known. Latour is also a name on wines like Chateau Latour. I have asked him to say if he knows of a connection torepparttar 139019 Rothschilds and that would be a stroke of good fortune. He is sendingrepparttar 139020 documents he has. It is just as likely that they boughtrepparttar 139021 castle and there is no familial relationship. However, I must also check intorepparttar 139022 Cathar connection to Lafitte orrepparttar 139023 Catalan Tartessian connection that Columbus and other seafarers have. This will require a whole chapter as will some ofrepparttar 139024 things I already know about Cuba andrepparttar 139025 secret societies. The Edward Livingstone referred to above is very important and we will delve into some of his work with Lafitte and payoffs to American Presidents or other parties later. Maison Rouge is indeed a good name for those who trade in blood.

the man who could not say sorry for his sins

Written by malcolm james pugh

Sorry would be a start.

Though you cant take back your mistakes, and you cant unravel time, youd think there would be remorse, for such a self serving crime, to send others out to die, to payrepparttar blood price you have decreed, when its purely posturing and posing, all about vanity and greed, to secure a perceived niche in history, glowing downrepparttar 138861 years, isrepparttar 138862 extent of your ambition, isrepparttar 138863 puny limit of your fears, when those you have sent to die, believing implicitly in you, leave relatives behind who see, that nothing you said was true, there is no thought now for those, whose number you dont count,

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