More Ways to Benefit from Your Press Release!

Written by Lisa Lake

Press releases are one way to get your company inrepparttar news. When news-hungry editors report directly from your release, or create their own report and just mention your company or service,repparttar 125202 publicity value is immeasureable. The big guys send out release after release in an effort to gain free publicity.

But don't toss a good press release once it's distributed! There are other ways to get continued coverage from that one piece of writing.


Whether this includes a sales kit, a welcome packet for new members, or a direct mail campaign, including a nicely printed copy of one or more press releases will be both useful and impressive. Why not dash off a copy of it, with your handwritten "hello, thought you'd like to hearrepparttar 125203 news" to old leads?

Did you have a fabulous quarter? Have you expanded to include a new product or service? Are you ahead of a trend? A press release like this informs and also hints at professionalism. (And when you DO get that call from a harried reporter wanting information about your company, you'll have it ready.)

A recent client asked if he could addrepparttar 125204 press release I had written for him to his direct mail campaign. A sales letter was ready to go to a 70,000 potential new customers. Did I think it was a good idea? Yes!

Driving qualified traffic using Directories

Written by Lee Traupel

Some education is essential to enlighten you about this form of interactive marketing. Directories aren't Search Engines; they are web sites or information portals which use analysts on staff to review submissions from companies who want to be listed in their Directory. Yahoo would berepparttar penultimate example of this type of a portal. But there are literally thousands of other sites that group and list web sites based on their analysis criteria. Here are some tips garnered from years of providing these services to our clients.

1)How do you find Directories? I don't have an easy solution for you, as we've spent years developing and refining (ongoing) our own list of Directories. But, look around onrepparttar 125201 Internet using Search Engines to find popular sites that list resources in your vertical market segment.

2)Directory listings are a great value, as they provide a long-term listing, unlike Search Engine rankings which are much more volatile. Once you achieve a listing you are typically locked into a Directory's database for a very long time.

3)Let's start withrepparttar 125202 twenty-ton gorilla in this market, Yahoo! Spend time carefully reviewing their various categories, then take repparttar 125203 plunge and use their "Business Express" service which costs just under $200. (USD) to submit your site. Don't, I repeat don't submit unless you have carefully analyzed where you belong in their huge category selections; if you make a mistake you only have one chance to get a new or revised listing, as they aren't very forgiving of those who don't do their homework before submitting.

4)Be patient when submitting to Directories, as most are getting tens or hundreds of thousands of submissions per day it will take 30-90 days to actually get listed. Keep an accurate record of sites you have posted to and then check back 60-90 days later and resubmit if necessary, but don't spam them, as this will not garner any results.

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