More Types Of Shrub To Use In Your Garden

Written by Paul Curran

Buddleia,repparttar butterfly bush, is 16 feet or more if not killed back by winter, and gets its name fromrepparttar 113365 fact that inrepparttar 113366 summer, butterflies are always seen around it. The buddleia takes many forms: as a small - leaved shrub with small purple flowers; as fascinating, a cattleya-pink bush; as flaming violet, a brilliant purple, and as white profusion, a dwarf variety with pure white flowers. Alsorepparttar 113367 Empire blue shrub,repparttar 113368 dubonnet,repparttar 113369 red glory and white cloud.

Flowering quince (Cydonia) has roselike flowers and a scarlet bloom in spring. Japanese quince grows to 6 feet; has orange-scarlet flowers.

Deutzia is an easily grown shrub, pleasing forrepparttar 113370 many small flowers in spring. Types includerepparttar 113371 2- to 3-foot pink deutzia, with its delicate flowers;repparttar 113372 pride of Rochester, with large double white flowers, and Deutzia Lemoinei, which has large, pure white flowers.

Other shrubs arerepparttar 113373 dwarf buckeye, which blossoms in July with 12-inch spikes;repparttar 113374 chokeberry bush, liked for its decorative fruit; broom, which grows in sandy places and blooms in June and July, and witch hazel, a shrub that grows to 20 feet and has spidery yellow flowers.

Forsythia is a welcome shrub because it needs little care; with its drooping sprays of yellow flowers, it is useful for softening repparttar 113375 lines of walls.

How to Prune Plum Trees

Written by Paul Curran

In this article you will find out how to prune plum trees. One of several articles on how to prune fruit trees. Pruning plum trees is straightforward, oncerepparttar trees are established, and consists mainly of thinning out overcrowded wood. Some rather more detailed pruning is, however, necessary inrepparttar 113364 early years, in order to build up a suitable framework.

How to prune plum trees - Maiden tree

If a maiden tree is planted, that is, a tree within one year of budding or grafting, pruning may be carried out inrepparttar 113365 Spring, after deciding on tree form. Generally plums will be grown as half-standards having a main stem about 4 ft. in length, before repparttar 113366 branch system.

An open centre is aimed at,repparttar 113367 main branch system formingrepparttar 113368 outside, with young wood filling inrepparttar 113369 interior. This method of formingrepparttar 113370 half standard tree can also be used for Apples and Pears.

Assuming a maiden tree has been purchased, this would be planted inrepparttar 113371 Autumn and, later on, whenrepparttar 113372 tree has settled down, and you are wondering how to prune plum trees, it should be pruned to a bud, 9 to 12 inches aboverepparttar 113373 height ofrepparttar 113374 lowest branch desired.

Inrepparttar 113375 following season shoots will grow from buds belowrepparttar 113376 top, andrepparttar 113377 most suitable are left, ensuring that they are well spaced and at a wide angle torepparttar 113378 stem. Other shoots are removed, leaving about 5 or so which will formrepparttar 113379 main branch system.

The top bud will grow strongly; this can be offset by making a nick below it with a knife, forcing more growth intorepparttar 113380 lower buds. Wide angled branches can be encouraged by making small notches inrepparttar 113381 bark above selected buds;repparttar 113382 topmost shoot can be removed later. Any growth arising belowrepparttar 113383 position ofrepparttar 113384 lowest branch should merely be shortened forrepparttar 113385 first year or two before removing, as they assist in thickeningrepparttar 113386 stem.

The selected branches are subsequently pruned to a suitable outward pointing bud, duringrepparttar 113387 first year or two, one third to one half ofrepparttar 113388 new wood being removed; afterwards this is reduced to mere tipping which is discontinued altogether eventually. The tree will consist of 6 to 7 well-spaced main branches, growing from them and lateral growths which will form repparttar 113389 bulk ofrepparttar 113390 fruiting wood.

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