More Than a Negative...

Written by Terry Dashner

More than a Negative

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Author and speaker Robert Hastings writes, “In his commentary on Matthew, William Barclay says, ‘A man’s life must not only be sterilized from evil; it must be fructified to good.’

“Virtue is not a vacuum. Man is good not merely by refraining from evil, but by embracing what is good.

“Who is a wealthy man? One with no debt? Hardly. He could be debt free, yet penniless. Wealth is accumulated capital.

“Who is a healthy person? One with no illness, no contagious disease, no infections? Not necessarily. Healthiness includes an abundance of physical and mental strength, not justrepparttar absence of disease.

“Who is an educated person? One who has an open mind, with no prejudices, no superstitions? Not necessarily so. His mind could be empty as well as open.

“Who is popular? A person with no enemies? Not necessarily. You could have no enemies, and still have no friends.

“Likewise, a good man is not necessarily a man without sin. Virtue is something you do. As one lady testified, ‘The Lord saved me from a rocking chair.’”

Does your belief system have you in a “rocking chair?” Are you sitting in your comfort zone, watching others touch lives forrepparttar 150496 Lord Jesus Christ? May I ask you this: Doesn’trepparttar 150497 Bible tell us, in so many words, that it is better to wear out than to rust out? I believe it isrepparttar 150498 book of James inrepparttar 150499 New Testament that says, “Faith without works is dead, being alone.”

Best Way to Improve Your Music Journalist Relationship

Written by Bard Marc

Boy, I really detest how some people do websites. Bands are some ofrepparttar worst. Seems like any band that wants to look "professional" feels they must create a website using pop-ups and flash. Why? Cuz that's whatrepparttar 150462 Majors do?

I tried to go to a friend's website today to find his email address. He's in a band. "Click here if you have a pop-up stopper." Now is that a stupid way to start a website or what?

So I clicked... dreadingrepparttar 150463 outcome... Forrepparttar 150464 next minuterepparttar 150465 minute flash loaded... A MINUTE!

Meanwhile, I was enjoying some wonderful music by Angelo Branduardi, a wonderful Italian world folk musician. Then "BLLAAAAARRRR." The frickin flash program was trying to play music that was causing problems withrepparttar 150466 music I was enjoying... All I wanted was an email address, not a headache!

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