More Recommended Ways To Promote Your Website

Written by Steve Nash

"Submit your site to search engines!"

"Bid at pay-per-click search engines!"

"Publish a newsletter!"

These arerepparttar common website promotion cries. Indeed, my own website promotion site states just that. There are other ways to promote your site, however, that may well suit you and your website better!

For instance, visiting newsgroups and joining discussion lists; setting up joint ventures; affiliate marketing; or using online auctions - all of these provide sensible, doable means to promote your site.

Many well-visited sites are promoted each and every day, and promoting little and often is reallyrepparttar 125160 key inrepparttar 125161 long run. Website promotion is never over. I know it's dull to say, but it's true!


I recently developed a FREE 7-day email course. It coversrepparttar 125162 basics of website promotion (as you'd expect), but it also provides new ideas, AND suggests a daily promotion schedule. The email course covers topics like:

* Post a newsgroup discussion

* Swap links with other sites

* Write a testimonial

* Be an expert, have an opinion

* Start a joint venture

As I said, some familiar ground is covered, but there are loads of other website promotion ideas too. I recommend that you clickrepparttar 125163 link and get day 1 ofrepparttar 125164 course (but then I would, wouldn't I?)

Just what is a News Release?

Written by William R. Montgomery

A News Release is an effective way to get FREE Publicity. There is however a distinct difference between writing an ad and composing a News Release. The purpose of an ad is to solicit inquiries or sales. You are promoting a product (site, service or a tangible product) to make that sale. When you compose your news release, your goal isrepparttar same, butrepparttar 125159 approach is very different.

A news release is just how it is worded - News. With a news release you are attempting to promote product by presenting facts about said product. It should look like news, feel like news, read like news and BE NEWS!

Your news release must make interesting reading and have news value. It must be received byrepparttar 125160 reader, not to mentionrepparttar 125161 editor as being useful and benefitingrepparttar 125162 prospective reader. People are reading this material because they expect it to be news worthy and therefor your information must be presented torepparttar 125163 reader (and editor) as news. This means presenting all ofrepparttar 125164 facts and benefits that your site, product or service has to offer.

Remember, what you are writing is NOT an "AD" release, it is a NEWS release. It must contain news. When people buy a magazine, 99.9 % ofrepparttar 125165 time they don't purchase it to read ads. The same philosophy applies to newspapers (althoughrepparttar 125166 percentage rate drops for newspapers), radio, television, or any other media source. Ads are generallyrepparttar 125167 furthest thing from peoples minds, but they will however read your news release because they are expecting to gain informational value from it. That is where a news release hasrepparttar 125168 advantage.

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