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Written by Dale Sexton

My nagging theme these last few issues have been links. The reason I have been harping on this subject is because I have been proving to myself that they arerepparttar key to rankings.

As you know (if you have kept up with these issues) I have been posting onrepparttar 125180 free for all links, then immediately submitting these post torepparttar 125181 search engines. What I have found isrepparttar 125182 search engines are showing more and more links to my URL. Personally I prefer Free Links Finder to do posting on FFA's:

I have been wondering about how I might post to classified ads with such speed. I looked at Classified 98, The Classified Connection and others. They cost some bucks when you don't have them to spend.

So inrepparttar 125183 mean time, I have been working on my own program to submit to classified ads. The program I'm working on has a few bugs in it that I need to work out before I start lettingrepparttar 125184 public use it.

Inrepparttar 125185 course of using this program, I have inadvertently posted to guestbooks, classified, and FFA pages. Inrepparttar 125186 case ofrepparttar 125187 guestbooks, I have been accused of spamming.

Well, as you can see, I can't letrepparttar 125188 program out till I fix this problem. But what if I were to post my URL to guestbooks in a way that does not look like spamming?

What would happen is that my post would stay on that page for a long time, unless it looks like an advertisement. Then you get a nasty note, taken off their guestbook, and banned from their web site if not worse.

I started changingrepparttar 125189 text in my posting. This is what I found has worked best, but play with it if you wish, and decide to post on guestbooks.

1. Always use your name. If you use a company name, they thinks its spam and you getrepparttar 125190 nasty notes.

2. If you use a well known autoresponder for a return email address, you will be accused of spamming. I used my own autoresponder.

What happens is if spammers get my email fromrepparttar 125191 guestbook page I don't getrepparttar 125192 spam. My domain name address is seen on this autoresponder email, so it doesn't look like spam..


Written by Roger Donald

The web is awash with search engines, directories and portals, and many of them are purely designed to make a hefty dent inrepparttar consumers' wallet. For many Internet shoppers they are key to finding that inspired birthday gift or Mothers Day present. For online retailers they can also be heaven sent. A good listing within a high profile shopping directory could berepparttar 125179 make of your e-commerce site.

Many surfers first port of call when looking to shop onrepparttar 125180 web is their favourite engine. Lycos, Yahoo, Excite all have shopping guides. But how comprehensive are they? Do they independently review stores? Shamefully it appears not in many cases. Many engines work closely with partner retailers to gainrepparttar 125181 lion's share ofrepparttar 125182 traffic, which can often mean a big spend and a hefty dent inrepparttar 125183 retailer's wallet. But what about those retailers with smaller budgets, or in some cases none at all?

Specific shopping directories such as, ShopNow etc, play a vital role in bringing traffic to online stores. Games Direct a UK based PC games retailer that works closely with shopping specific directories and price comparison services has increased its traffic and customer registrations by over 200%. The moral ofrepparttar 125184 story being that once your e-commerce site is listed with shopping specific directories you are opening yourself up to a core group of web surfers that actually want to shop online. Many registered users of directories receive tailored e-mails updating them onrepparttar 125185 latest shopping sites and product innovations according to their personal profile. The question is, can you afford not to have your site listed with directories that announce e-commerce sites and products directly to seasoned Internet shoppers?

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