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Written by Aron Wallad

I love what prominent baseball people have to say aboutrepparttar great ballplayers. They seem to eloquently capture what we are thinking.

"It was his solemn duty to catch a ball that wasn't inrepparttar 137827 stands." - Monte Irvin (Newark Eagles OF, May 6, 1981), on Willie Mays

"Maybe they should see if his body is corked." - Howard 'Hojo' Johnson (NY Mets), on Bo Jackson, from Sports Illustrated, October 19, 1986

"When he took BP everybody would kind of stop what they were doing and watch." - Jim Kaat, former pitcher, on Mickey Mantle

"I played with him for nine years and marveled at how hard he hit and how fast he ran. How can anyone ever forgetrepparttar 137828 catch he made on Gil Hodges' line drive to save Don Larsen's perfect game?" - Tony Kubek, former shortstop, on Mickey Mantle

"A life is not important except inrepparttar 137829 impact it has on other lives." - Jackie Robinson

"Having Willie Stargell on your ball club is like having a diamond ring on your finger." Chuck Tanner

"Ted Williams wasrepparttar 137830 greatest hitter I ever saw, but (Joe) DiMaggio wasrepparttar 137831 greatest all around player." Bob Feller

"No one hit home runsrepparttar 137832 way Babe (Ruth) did. They were something special. They were like homing pigeons. The ball would leaverepparttar 137833 bat, pause briefly, suddenly gain its bearings, then take off forrepparttar 137834 stands." Lefty Gomez

"When Neil Armstong first set foot onrepparttar 137835 moon, he and allrepparttar 137836 space scientists were puzzled by an unidentifiable white object. I knew immediately what it was. That was a home run ball hit off me in 1933 by Jimmie Foxx." Lefty Gomez

My Office - Behind the Plate

Written by Aron Wallad

My Office - Behindrepparttar Plate

I loved catching - I hadrepparttar 137826 whole game in front of me. I could see everything. Placingrepparttar 137827 fielders was my job. Seeing whether long fly balls were fair or foul. Whatrepparttar 137828 pitcher had or lacked, I saw, as well. Didrepparttar 137829 pitcher need a break inrepparttar 137830 action because he was tired? If he did I would pay a little visit torepparttar 137831 mound. The general onrepparttar 137832 field is what I was. A direct link torepparttar 137833 coach.

My office was behindrepparttar 137834 plate. Having played allrepparttar 137835 other positions was great, but I feltrepparttar 137836 best place to be, was catching. I could cash in on allrepparttar 137837 activity that was in front of me. I had an opportunity to shaperepparttar 137838 game. I had power in my office that I did not have anywhere else onrepparttar 137839 field except for maybe pitching. I loved that responsibility.

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