More Free Tools Increase Security For Your PC

Written by Jim Edwards

A recent article about preventing hackers from breaking into your computer caused an overwhelming response by readers.

It seems everyone has an opinion aboutrepparttar best software and advice for keeping your computer safe from viruses and online predators. The following will help you increase your online security and usually without spending a dime!

Zone Alarm

Zone Alarm offers several versions of their popular firewall software with various options for increased security. The basic firewall software comes free of charge and ranks amongrepparttar 132026 most highly rated firewalls available. The paid version helps you to eliminate everything from pop-up windows to unwanted advertising and also helps you track hackers back to their source.

Visit to download your copy today, especially if you don't already carry a firewall on your system.

The Guru Of Security

Visit if you want a real "eye opener!" Frankly, some ofrepparttar 132027 things I saw on this website shocked me. I had no idea so many potential problems existed for breaches in your online security.

But what also shocked me was how simple most ofrepparttar 132028 "fixes" rate for securing your computer against attack. It became very apparent to me that most computer hackers don't exploit hardware or software weaknesses, they actually exploit our ignorance aboutrepparttar 132029 simple steps we should take to protect ourselves and others.

When you visit you'll seerepparttar 132030 site covers a lot of ground. Since you might find it easy to get sidetracked with allrepparttar 132031 interesting information, make sure to specifically check outrepparttar 132032 "Shields Up!" area. This section offers two comprehensive tests of your Internet connection to check forrepparttar 132033 typical points of entry used by hackers.

How to get rid of new Sobig.F virus?

Written by Nowshade Kabir

As you know, this timerepparttar virus underrepparttar 132023 name Sobig.F has wreaked quite havoc! No doubt, many of us have suffered from this recent virus outbreak. According to an online poll conducted by CNN: 32% of respondents were infected with this malicious virus. Atrepparttar 132024 pick, each of every 17 emails contained sobig.F! Internet service provider AOL says it scanned 40.5 million emails and foundrepparttar 132025 virus in more than half of them. Sobig accounted for 98 percent of all viruses found in these emails. What is Sobig.F virus? This is a worm type of virus. Which means it is an executable program that installs enhancement to your Windows operating system. The ?F? implies that it isrepparttar 132026 sixth ofrepparttar 132027 family of Sobig viruses. The first one was launched inrepparttar 132028 beginning of this year. The latest attack was started on August 19. According to some experts, Sobig.F was first posted to a porn Usenet group and spread from there. It is timed to deactivate itself on September 10. The pre-built deactivation mechanism itself is a worrisome factor. Most experts think this means there are more to come! How it works?

Sobig.F comes along with an email with subject headers like Your details, Thank you!, Re: Thank you!, Re: Details, Re: Re: My details, Re: Approved, Re: Your application, Re: Wicked screensaver or Re: That movie. The body ofrepparttar 132029 message is quite short and usually contains either "Seerepparttar 132030 attached file for details" or "Please seerepparttar 132031 attached file for details." Oncerepparttar 132032 file is opened, Sobig.F resends itself using a built-in mailing program to e-mail addresses fromrepparttar 132033 infected computer. As a sender is address it shows one ofrepparttar 132034 e-mails randomly selected fromrepparttar 132035 computer's address book. The worm was also supposed to attempt to retrieve an URL from a predetermined list of 20 master servers on a certain date and time. The content of that URL was to be downloaded and executed onrepparttar 132036 infected machines. Luckily those servers were identified right away and shut down. How to protect yourself against it? If your computer is infected or you have doubts, first thing you should do is: to check and clean up your computer from this virus. Although, it is set to deactivate on September 10, which means it will no longer multiply itself, however, left untouched, it might attempt to update itself, oncerepparttar 132037 newer version ofrepparttar 132038 virus comes out. Suggestion One:

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