Monitoring Your Weight Loss Progress Progress: Don't Guess- Measure!

Written by Anthony Ellis

Any weight loss or fitness program is incomplete withoutrepparttar timely measurements to monitor Your Progress. The only way to know if your health and fitness program is successful is by monitoring your measurements, weight and body fat levels on a consistent basis.

Depending onrepparttar 131278 program, I recommend that everyone take their body fat levels every 1-2 weeks. Over time, this will give you a clear picture of how your body is changing.

Unfortunately, inrepparttar 131279 past, calculating your body fat was a time-consuming endeavor. Most people would simply avoid it simply because ofrepparttar 131280 math involved. I mean, who wants to spend their free time working with complex formulas and equations? I hated it!

This is why I createdrepparttar 131281 Composition Tracker body fat analysis software at

The software was created out of my need for a quick easy way to apply and analyze different body fat formulas. It combinesrepparttar 131282 most popular composition calculations along with easy to understand instructions.

Withrepparttar 131283 Composition Tracker, I am now able to measure, track and analyzerepparttar 131284 composition changes for an unlimited number of friends and family. The software also provides calculation for more than 20 popular composition formulas.

The interface is easy to understand and use. Many users have been able to start usingrepparttar 131285 software withing 10 minutes after installation.

Now that I am able to easily analyze my body composition like a professional, I've begun to notice things I had not seen before. There's a lot that these readings reveal to a trained eye!


I was recently on a fat loss diet, and I did not lose any weight for three weeks. At first I thought that I needed to drop my calories further becauserepparttar 131286 current levels were not working for me. I did not want to do this because for me, dropping my calories too low can result in too much muscle loss. So, before I committed to a more drastic diet, I checked my body fat records usingrepparttar 131287 Composition Tracker.

Do You Eat Breakfast?

Written by Cheryl Haining

Do You Eat Breakfast? It is not a myth. Eating breakfast is an important part of attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The morning meal enables your body to refuel itself after enduring a nightlong fast or 10 hours or more. It assists in re-energizing your bodyís metabolism and providing sufficient amounts of energy and nutrients for you to surviverepparttar earliest part ofrepparttar 131275 day. Remember breakfast isrepparttar 131276 first opportunity for you to replenish your bodyís exhausted energy reserves. Whatever you do donít waste this opportunity. While breakingrepparttar 131277 nocturnal fast is important, eating appropriately is just as essential. Eating a good breakfast, low in fat, and rich in dietary fibre and micronutrients will mentally and physically set you up for anythingrepparttar 131278 day may throw at you.

Why Breakfast is Important. By choosing not to eat a well-balanced breakfast you may be putting your health in danger. Studies have shown that people who regularly skip breakfast are more likely to be overweight and have less energy than those who always eat breakfast. The consumption of a healthy breakfast has been shown to improve short-term memory. People who regularly eat breakfast have less fatigue and lower cholesterol level than those who skip breakfast. Research has demonstrated that children who eat correctly at breakfast perform better in class and produce higher marks than those who do not. If you want to have an improved, healthy body then it is vital to eat a nourishing breakfast. Research has shown that skipping breakfast causes a lowered metabolic rate, which means fewer calories burned throughoutrepparttar 131279 day. Over time this hasrepparttar 131280 potential to lead to an unhealthy Body Mass Index.

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