Monitor Your Visibility in Google, MSN, and Yahoo with these DIY SEO Tools

Written by Tinu AbayomiPaul

This isrepparttar second part of an article series in which you’ll find many tools that you can use to monitor your site’s search engine position and see how your do-it-yourself search engine optimization efforts are coming along.

The following tools are for monitoring your search results inrepparttar 150924 three major search engines. It isn’t an all-inclusive list, but rather a highlight of some ofrepparttar 150925 tools you can use. (I’ll point you to one ofrepparttar 150926 master lists when we get into more general tools in part three.)

Using Your Google Site Information Page

I’ve covered this in an earlier article, but just in case you missed it, we’ll go over it again briefly here. (If you need more help following along, you can listen to one of my recent podcasts for a convenient audio walkthrough.)

Open up your browser and go to Google’s home page. Type in info:yoursitenameandsuffix. So if your site was you’d type You can also use site:yoursitenameandsuffix to find out which pages have been indexed by Google’s search engine spider.

This search will tell you pages that Google considers similar to yours. It will also show sites that it considered linked to you, and show sites that carry your full url, hyperlinked or not. It’s not 100% accurate as far as telling you allrepparttar 150927 sites that are linked back to yours, but what you can learn from this is which backlinks matter.

From here you can also seerepparttar 150928 last day Google spidered your home page.

To see this in action, click onrepparttar 150929 first group of information links, “Show Google's cache of” If you look next torepparttar 150930 word “cached” onerepparttar 150931 first line,repparttar 150932 date is expressed also.

Sometimes it seems thatrepparttar 150933 cached time for and are different, so be sure and check both.

Finding Information About Your Site In Yahoo

This document will tell you how to find out what sites are linking to you, give yourepparttar 150934 results for how many pages of your site are in Yahoo, and more. Once you get torepparttar 150935 results page, you’ll be able to view your cached pages, etc.

Paid Surveys - Interview with a Legend!

Written by Josh Stanton

Josh: I'm here with Rob Davis today and he's going to tell us a little bit about his success with Paid Online Surveys.

So Rob, when was it that you first decided to start taking part in Paid Surveys and Focus Groups?

Rob: I've been doing Paid Surveys for about 4 years now. When I first started back in 2001, there were only a handful of Market Research Companies - who provide you withrepparttar surveys - listed onrepparttar 150895 internet. I signed up for I think 5 of them. I didnt want to turn it into a full time job because I was already working 40 hours a week down atrepparttar 150896 factory and didnt really think it would be suitable to have to complete a whole lot of surveys as I wanted to have some spare time for myself too!

Josh: Ok, yes I can imagine! So you signed up for 5 Market Research Companies(MRC's) How did that go?

Rob: It took I think 3 days before one of them replied and asked me if I wanted to take part in a survey about home appliances. I accepted and filled out their survey, which was 60 questions long and it took about 10 minutes of my time overall. Next minute I checked my account and found out that there was $50 in it! I was dumbfounded. It was at that moment I decided to start taking it seriously and have never looked back since.

Josh: Wow! So how many MRC's have you joined so far?

Rob: I'm currently a member of over 300 MRC's. There was a time where I had joined over 400 and I was making on average $6000 a month, but it was taking up too much time and I'd rather be playing golf or going on holidays with my family, so I decided to cut back a little.

Josh: Now there's probably people out there who are wondering how you came to sign up for 400 MRC's. Can you offer them some advice about; firstly how to find them and secondly which ones to go for and ones to stay away from?

Rob: Sure. Firstly it's imperative that you sign up for a Paid Survey Database, that lists allrepparttar 150897 immediate MRC's onrepparttar 150898 internet. They are usually quite cheap - about $60 for a year membership plus they also give you some free bonuses aswell. They always update their site with new information on what's going on with with allrepparttar 150899 MRC's onrepparttar 150900 internet. I'm a member of Paid Surveys Free and I believe you are aswell Josh?

Josh: Yes, yes I am.

Rob: Yes, well they provide you with more than enough MRC's to sign up for. Also they rate which ones arerepparttar 150901 best with a little information about who they provide surveys for, so you know if they're worth your time or not. I suggest you sign up for 20 ofrepparttar 150902 top MRC's to begin with. Now remember MRC's are free to sign up with, so you've got nothing to lose. Within a couple of days you should get some responses for some survey invitations. If not then go and sign up for more! It's that simple. If you're looking to take it a step further and turn Paid-Survey-taking into a profitable home business like I have, then get out there and sign up for as many as possible. Don't be lazy! Make a real effort to get your name out intorepparttar 150903 world of Market Research. I didn't get to where I am today by filling outrepparttar 150904 occasional survey here and there. I spend a great deal of my day partaking in surveys and focus groups, aswell as researching new companies onrepparttar 150905 horizon. It's very important to keep up-to-date with allrepparttar 150906 new MRC's floodingrepparttar 150907 market. Infact I find thatrepparttar 150908 new ones are usually potential goldmines! Sign up for them straight away and asrepparttar 150909 saying goes - "First in best dressed!"

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