Moneynet Takes Finance Personally

Written by Rachel Lane

Moneynet,repparttar personal finance specialist, is expanding its range of product guides to include financial lifestyle information to appeal to families, students and other consumer markets. Moneynet,repparttar 146476 most established consumer research website inrepparttar 146477 UK has takenrepparttar 146478 initiative in response to concerns that consumers are becoming alienated by complex finance information.

The family finance guide isrepparttar 146479 sixth publication to be released by moneynet and initially incorporates two sections, withrepparttar 146480 intention of future content expansion. The first section covers financial basics for parents, with a summary onrepparttar 146481 financial resources that are available to families, including Child Benefit, Statutory Maternity Pay, Child Tax Credits, Child Trust Funds andrepparttar 146482 Education Maintenance Allowance. The second section offers some suggestions to parents who wish to encourage their children to become financially aware and responsible with money.

The family finance guide will be extended later this year to encompass issues such asrepparttar 146483 financial practicalities of bereavement, inheritance tax, financial protection forrepparttar 146484 family, planning your child’s education, and divorce.

With increasing pressure on personal finance product providers to present more transparent information for consumers, companies which proactively seek a more positive interaction with customers are welcomed byrepparttar 146485 public. In terms of managing customer expectations online, moneynet can appreciaterepparttar 146486 increase in internet users going online to research and manage their money #, whilst acknowledgingrepparttar 146487 fact that most consumers have yet to feel comfortable with their finances. Credit Action reported in May this year that halfrepparttar 146488 people who take out credit in shops, had not intended to do so when they left home, whilst a report published by Cambridge University allegedly revealed that nine million Britons suffer from financial phobia. These factors secure moneynet as a highly relevant tool to assist consumers with their financial homework.

BBC announces online financial health check

Written by Richard Green

Controlling your finances inrepparttar UK has never been more difficult; national levels of personal debt spiralling out of control, house prices out of reach for most first-time buyers, high street banks warning of increased numbers of people unable to pay off their debts, andrepparttar 146467 oncoming pensions time bomb looming inrepparttar 146468 distance. The question exercising economic analysts and institutions is what can be done to resolve?

Overrepparttar 146469 past few years, due in part torepparttar 146470 expansion of online services, there has been an explosion inrepparttar 146471 number of sources providing financial information to consumers. You can findrepparttar 146472 address of your nearest financial adviser (, compare credit cards or loans (, check your credit score (, and seek help when difficulties arise ( or These sites provide a wealth of information, however oftenrepparttar 146473 problem is simply down to knowing where to start looking for help, or even acknowledging that there might be a problem inrepparttar 146474 first place.

Nowrepparttar 146475 BBC along withrepparttar 146476 Financial Services Authority (FSA) have just announcedrepparttar 146477 launch of a new collaborative initiative to help people gain a better understanding of their financial situation, and provide useful links to information and checklists that can be used to sort out your budget and plan forrepparttar 146478 future.

With just a few mouse clicksrepparttar 146479 BBC ( aims to give consumers access to articles and tips to take some ofrepparttar 146480 distress out of sorting your finances. Although it may not berepparttar 146481 most exciting site onrepparttar 146482 web, it is extremely informative, containing up-to-date information and links, and withrepparttar 146483 backing ofrepparttar 146484 FSA financial regulators, there is an assurance thatrepparttar 146485 information is kept accurate.

Hopefully this new resource, coming fromrepparttar 146486 BBC, will mean there is an increase inrepparttar 146487 level of financial awareness inrepparttar 146488 UK. The timing ofrepparttar 146489 new service corresponds with calls in Scotland, byrepparttar 146490 Executive, for “not-for-profit” organisations to come up with new innovative ways to promptrepparttar 146491 working population to save for retirement. The Scotsman newspaper asserts that this “translates as hammering homerepparttar 146492 message that we must all save more to support ourselves in old age: asrepparttar 146493 government has no intention of doing so.”

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