Money in the Mail

Written by Darren Hendricks

Ever dreamed about going to your mailbox and pulling out a fistful of checks? That'srepparttar magic of mail order, and to be sure, it's a powerful allure.

Mail order, simply defined, is a way to generate merchandise sales in two ways:

1.By mailing catalogs or other sales tools 2.By advertising your products, and fulfilling orders via mail.

Mail order is exciting and fun, but it's also a highly competitive, potentially expensive marketing method, and if you don't knowrepparttar 140733 rules ofrepparttar 140734 game it can cost you plenty in terms of time, effort, and money. Mail order is definitely NOT something you want to learn by trial and error. Fortunately, FAR HORIZONS has refined its Mail Order program overrepparttar 140735 course of several decades to increase your odds of success as much as possible. The catalogs and self-mailers are professionally designed not only to spark orders, but also to enable cost-efficient mailing. Our designers work directly with local postmasters to ensure our designs qualify for cost-saving mailing methods, and our paper style and weight ensures as inexpensive a mailing as possible without compromising picture quality.

Some Things to Keep in Mind About Mail Order:

1.It's one ofrepparttar 140736 most expensive and risky marketing methods to start.
2.It's a numbers game;repparttar 140737 more catalogs you send,repparttar 140738 more chances for orders.
3.The industry response rate to "prospect lists," (as opposed to your own custom list), is less than 1 %. Your customer list response rate will probably be higher.
4.The best mailing list is your own.

How To Get a Telecommuting Job

Written by Amanda Shoemaker

Many companies are beginning to seerepparttar value in hiring telecommuters. This is especially true of companies who are looking for sales persons. If you would like to telecommute (work from home), here are some ofrepparttar 140676 things these companies are looking for.

Dedicated home office phone line (not always required, but is always a plus) High speed internet access Quiet home office environment Standard e-mail program such as Eudora or Outlook Excel, Word

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