Money for nothing?

Written by Chuck McCullough

Not hardly!

It is so easy to turn a newbie into an Internet junkie by tellingrepparttar tales of "gurus" making money with their website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They go on vacation for a week or two andrepparttar 131967 site just keeps on payingrepparttar 131968 bills.

Doesn't get any easier than this....

I still have my first website that I created when I first became addicted torepparttar 131969 Net. I haven't touched it in over a year now, other than to change an updated URL here and there.

Everything that you can do wrong with your Internet business, has been done to mine.

Mostly because I lost interest. My wife says that I'm bad about that. Many of my hobbies have fallen torepparttar 131970 wayside for this same reason.

The site made me a little over $6,000 last year, and aboutrepparttar 131971 samerepparttar 131972 year before. This year is off to an even better start for some reason.

Whenever I talk to people about this, their eyes glaze over as they imagine throwing up their own site and watchingrepparttar 131973 checks roll in.

Money for nothing?

Well, if you look only at this past year it pretty much looks like it was free money. I didn't really do anything and still pulled in a decent chunk of change.

Many ofrepparttar 131974 "gurus" onrepparttar 131975 Internet have a similar story of how they have a website or two that are on auto-pilot like this one.

This is part ofrepparttar 131976 problem with our industry today. Too many stories of easy money float around just likerepparttar 131977 ones above, andrepparttar 131978 unsuspecting quickly fall prey.

Now let me shed some light on my story...

Forrepparttar 131979 past year I haven't done very much, that'srepparttar 131980 truth. But what I failed to tell you is how much time, and for how long it took me to get that particular site torepparttar 131981 point it was one year ago.

Fromrepparttar 131982 moment that I first discoveredrepparttar 131983 Internet, I was hooked.

Me and my AOL account were inseparable. For that first year my website must have gone through a complete redesign every two months.

I would spend hours and hours asking other webmasters to link to my site, monitoring my search engine positioning, and trying to find ways to make money from it.

When I was away from my computer all I could think about was getting back to it to check and see how many visitors came through, and how much money I made.

There were many letdowns and many frustrations in getting it offrepparttar 131984 ground.

If you take what I made withrepparttar 131985 site last year and divide it byrepparttar 131986 number of hours I spent, its one heck of an hourly rate!

So you want to run an awards program?

Written by Richard Lowe

I know you've seen those awards graphics all overrepparttar web. Most web sites win one, two or a dozen awards and display them proudly on their home page untilrepparttar 131965 page loads so slow that no one visits anymore. Finally, they realize this and create a separate awards page, and eventually, if they are anything like me, they have to create an entire awards section!

At some point many of these award winners realize that, hey, they could also give an award themselves! Sometimes they want to give awards out of a desire for more traffic (an awards program does generate more than a few hits), and sometimes they want to reward other sites for their achievements. More often, a webmaster cannot explain why he wants to give awards - he just wants to.

One note of caution: if your goal is traffic and traffic only, then awards are a fine way to get people to your site. However, by far most people who sign up for awards simply go straight to your award application form without looking at anything else. So while it is a way to get people to your site, it really isn't a great way to get qualified visitors who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

A good awards program is a lot of work. Spendrepparttar 131966 time and you will have some great and perhaps unexpected rewards of your own. Please don't just slap together a silly little awards program and expect to get very much from it. And don't go out and get a script to automaterepparttar 131967 whole process. That's not what awards are about.

All right,repparttar 131968 first thing you should do (before you do anything else) is sit down in a comfortable chair with your comfy slippers and a glass of your favorite beverage. Make sure it is quiet and you have some time set aside. Now, think about what you are trying to accomplish.

What is your purpose in creating an awards program? Are you:

- Trying to get traffic - Trying to get other people to link back to you and raise your search engine popularity - Want to give something back torepparttar 131969 internet community - Likerepparttar 131970 idea of helping others improve their web sites - Want to light up someone's life by giving them an award - Like making cute little graphics

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