Money Toad Feng Shui Advice FAQ

Written by John Mausolf

Question: Dear Sir,

We are very confused onrepparttar placement of a three legged frog as advice by many experts inrepparttar 125456 net. Kindly advice onrepparttar 125457 correct placement (location) of this auspicious item,repparttar 125458 preferred dates (initial starting time) and timing of placement of this item (from what time to put up and what time to keep)

Your kind advice is appreciated. Thank You.

Best Regards. Michael

Answer: Howdy Michael,

These ugly little money toads are based upon a simple folk lore story about a greedy Buddhist monk who lost his money sack when he was taking a dump over an open pit toilet and then leapt in after it and drowned. Whenrepparttar 125459 full moon rose intorepparttar 125460 evening sky that night, he transformed intorepparttar 125461 ugly toad and climbed on out with his money sack intact!!!! This is in fact a moralistic fable and is not based upon Feng Shui principles.

Personally, I see it as a symbol of warning against getting caught up inrepparttar 125462 illu$ion of money, and greed. NOT as a prosperity symbol !!!!

The real problem with this sort of thing is that there will always be those out there that are quite happy inrepparttar 125463 knowledge that they are taking advantage ofrepparttar 125464 unaware, throughrepparttar 125465 action of selling Religious, Spiritual, Folklore and Superstitious type items as Feng Shui objects!

There are also no consistent answers for placement of such items. For example, inrepparttar 125466 Philippines, depending upon which island you are on, you will be given conflicting advice to its placement. On one island they believe you should face it out ofrepparttar 125467 home, and on a neighbouring isle they tell yourepparttar 125468 exact opposite. Who is correct, and why does it work for some people (these sorts of items don't work for all people), regardless of which island their on, and which wayrepparttar 125469 thing faces, when they are using different applications ofrepparttar 125470 same object?

7 Ways to Stay Spiritually Balanced

Written by Catherine Franz

When we find spirituality, or it finds us,repparttar experience feels surreal. We begin to feel like we're walking on a tightrope between two different worlds. We become ungrounded and loose touch withrepparttar 125455 physical side of life. When our spiritual mission becomes clear, it is even truer. Learning to breathe and to walk between these two experiences until they merge can be a tough balancing act. Itís easy to choose and get lost inrepparttar 125456 new experience because it feels so good and so right. Regular aspects inrepparttar 125457 physical world seem less important and get set aside, many times incomplete.

This tightrope doesn't haverepparttar 125458 same thinness asrepparttar 125459 rope we think of inrepparttar 125460 circus. A spiritual path is actually onrepparttar 125461 ground and wider even though it feels like walking on air at times. If you step to one side, you engulf yourself totally inrepparttar 125462 awe of spirituality. The other,repparttar 125463 physical world. And because of its alluring influence, it is easy to understand why we prefer to be there.

There are ways to mergerepparttar 125464 two experiences. Here are seven techniques to help balancerepparttar 125465 tightrope:

1. Maintain or start new physical activities. Go running, play tennis, take a walk, or workout. Allow love to pour intorepparttar 125466 tennis racket. This is a neat experience if you haven't tried it before. Allowrepparttar 125467 physical activity to merge with a spiritual part. Walk with a loving heart, say your favorite poem or prayer, and feel it in each step. Dorepparttar 125468 same when making beds, running errands, standing atrepparttar 125469 copy machine, takingrepparttar 125470 kids to soccer, or washingrepparttar 125471 car. This chasesrepparttar 125472 doubt away and invites high attraction vibrations in.

2. Caring for others. Take care of your family, yourself, pets, and others in your life. Allow themrepparttar 125473 amount of space they need to learn, falter (yes, I said falter), and grow. Place yourself on that list, so, set time, and space aside for you as well.

3. Keep financially stable. It is easy to say, "Do what we love andrepparttar 125474 money will follow." Lean too much onrepparttar 125475 spiritual side and you stop taking action andrepparttar 125476 money dries up. This is like wishing to winrepparttar 125477 lottery without buying a ticket. One difference with balancerepparttar 125478 two --repparttar 125479 right people show up atrepparttar 125480 right time. People sometimes think that when you find spirituality,repparttar 125481 money just finds you. This can't be furthest fromrepparttar 125482 truth. It means that you will find it easier to attract what you need if you continue to take action. If this is a learning and growth period, it takes massive action -- action for learning and action forrepparttar 125483 regular action. As hard as this one is to balance and maintain, nevertheless it is feasible, millions of people do so daily.

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