Money Makeovers For Women

Written by Megan Gelhar

Today,repparttar vast majority of women in North America believe they are unable to stand solidly on their own two feet when it comes to their financial lives. They might already be successful businesswomen in their own right, maybe even millionaires, yet many tell me that if their husband died or left, they don’t know what they would do regarding their finances. They don’t believe they can understandrepparttar 139572 financial world, especiallyrepparttar 139573 investing part of that world.

· A woman tells me she has turned her money over to someone else (usually a man) to invest and it has lost half its value and she just figures that’srepparttar 139574 way it is.

· Another woman makes plenty of money but never pays her bills on time, never believes there will be enough and lives byrepparttar 139575 hard work model. She gives her children whatever they want but she doesn't take care of herself by paying bills on time, she doesn't know where her money is going, and she doesn't spend consciously.

· Another woman in business knows she must do something about her 401K so she finally meets with an advisor her boyfriend recommends. She turns her money over to him, walks away and hopes forrepparttar 139576 best.

· Another woman had always done her own finances and investing and had done very well. She got re-married later in life to a man who wanted to take care of everything financial, possibly not believing she knew how. He promptly lost everything they had. They are both in precarious health and are now facing aging with no financial resources. This was a woman who had been successful yet still turned everything over to someone else.

Women’s Guide: Fashion Trends For Summer 2005

Written by Kenia Morales

If you are like me and many othersrepparttar warm weather motivates you to do or try new things. It even inspires you to pay more attention to your overall appearance. But, before you go shopping I suggest you take a look at this list to see what is in style.

• Cropped pants – If you see pants that are too long to classify inrepparttar 139571 shorts category and too short to qualify asrepparttar 139572 regular long pants those are referred as cropped pants. They fit inches belowrepparttar 139573 knee but, are placed aboverepparttar 139574 ankle.

• Natural hair – Good news for ladies with curly or wavy hair. Curls are in; all you have to do is wash your hairs apply some gel or mousse and blow dry with a diffuser. For define curls utilize hair rollers.

• Color crazy- Bright colors are in for 2005. Some ofrepparttar 139575 most common are kiwi, turquoise, coral, fuchsia, mango, yellow, aqua, melon, violet and many more… Do not ignore some ofrepparttar 139576 regular pastel colors such as light pink. White should always be in your ward robe duringrepparttar 139577 summer season.

• Knee length skirts- They come in all styles from pleated to form fitting.

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