Monetize Your Website

Written by Stephen Cope

Monetize Your Website

You may have built your website out of pure devotion but websites have costs and even though you may not want to get rich from your website you still wantrepparttar website to make money. There are two principle ways you can monetize your site:
  • PPC advertising i.e Google Adwords
  • Affiliate Programs
Affiliate programs were up until recently (2004)repparttar 145720 number 1 way web site owners started to make money with their websites. Although affiliate programs can be very lucrative they are notrepparttar 145721 easiest method to use for beginners.

PPC advertising (Google Adwords) is by farrepparttar 145722 easiest method for website owners to begin to monetize their website. It isrepparttar 145723 easiest because all you need to do is to paste a small bit of code (Google provide it) into your web pages and Viola-it's done.

Hey, Stop Stealing My Affiliate Commissions!

Written by Anik Singal

Copyright 2005 Kurma Group

Don’t get offended, I was not speaking directly to you. I was speaking torepparttar horrible companies who are stealing not only my affiliate commissions, but yours too!

These companies are called “spyware.” They specialize in invading a consumer’s computer through unethical means and then literally replacing YOUR affiliate ID with their own! It is almost as if you never even existed!

Not only that, they even steal your future affiliate commissions by making sure that all future IDs are automatically replaced with their own. Even more, they can make it so that ifrepparttar 145719 consumer goes to a website, a pop-up for a competing website (with their own affiliate ID) pops up and makes it impossible for you to get a sale.

As you likely agree, this is a major problem and it gets bigger and bigger every day. The more we fight back,repparttar 145720 slicker these companies get.

How much are they really stealing?

Would you believe that studies have shown that these companies could be stealing more than 50% of your affiliate commissions! Some studies have shown that it may even be higher, but 50% has been a repeated number in more than a few studies.

That means, as an affiliate marketer, you could potentially be making twicerepparttar 145721 money you are making now.

How does Spyware work?

Spyware is basically a program that consumers will download onto their computer. They usually get it “along” with another program that they download for free. Spyware companies develop freebies for consumers to download so they can invade their computers.

Then,repparttar 145722 software pretty much takes overrepparttar 145723 consumer’s computer. The software can replace affiliate IDs, create new cookies, make pop-ups appear and even steal passwords or other private information.

In other words, spyware companies are alsorepparttar 145724 masters of viral marketing – they spread their disease via freebie information and programs that unsuspecting consumers download.

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