Monaco Yachts

Written by Laura Ciocan

Sea and rich people: where else to find a better combination than in Monaco! A real yacht parade can be admired throughoutrepparttar year inrepparttar 116140 Hercule Port besidesrepparttar 116141 local yearly yachting events. From imposant, big-sized ones to neat, small, jewel yachts. If you are a yachting amateur or if you are hardly interested inrepparttar 116142 matter (as I was before seeing this impressive display) you will find something to like here.

There is a restraint, exclusivist rich group that has a thing for yachting, mainly because they can afford to! You and I, we both know that we'd like to own even a small, "unpretentiuos" sailboat, don't we? And have at least once dreamed to relax onrepparttar 116143 deck of a luxury yacht in Monaco. But, hey, who needs a yacht in a so busy world? Do we wake up inrepparttar 116144 morning with nothing better to do than dress in white completely (maybe some blue too), have our cafe au lait (maybe a croissant also if not on diet) and go torepparttar 116145 quay ordering aroundrepparttar 116146 employees to rub up better that side? We certainly don't! If you say you do, that's another story!

What better place (and object) for a competition: who hasrepparttar 116147 bigger, more expensive model, envies arise, disputes start... Shirley Bassey reportedley complained ofrepparttar 116148 big size of "Le Grand Bleu" belonging torepparttar 116149 Russian billionaire Abramovich. The yacht appearantly spoiledrepparttar 116150 view onrepparttar 116151 port of her uphill apartment. Well, what else would you like rich people to do?...

Besides occasional cruises and constant care some rich peolpe find a practical use to their yachts: some rent them, others live there. Owning a yacht can be extremely useful if you are a tax exile, especially UK citizens who live in Monaco but work inrepparttar 116152 UK. Renting is very profitable, especially during holidays season or when big events happen in Monaco: prices go from EUR25,000 per week to EUR365,000 per week, depending onrepparttar 116153 size and facilities.

Feng shui decorating guidelines

Written by Jakob Jelling

The importance of following feng shui decorating guidelines.

Feng shui decorating guidelines show usrepparttar correct way to place objects, furniture and how to decorate in order to achieve harmony. Living and working spaces and their decorations affectrepparttar 116139 people inhabiting them, and feng shui decorating knowledge studiesrepparttar 116140 way to make that factor affect in a positive and harmonic way.

If you want to learn and be able to follow feng shui decorating tips,repparttar 116141 first thing to do is to learn about feng shui in general and its main concepts. By learning this, you will find yourself naturally acquiring information on how to decorate any different spaces according to feng shui.

According to feng shui decorating guidelines,repparttar 116142 way andrepparttar 116143 position in which we place our furniture,repparttar 116144 colors we choose,repparttar 116145 different objects and places we choose for them, everything can be done in a way that ensures harmony. Actually, in China people are used to look for a feng shui expert to guide them in occasions such as when they buy a new house.

Following feng shui decorating guidelines is notrepparttar 116146 same as decorating in order to make a space pretty or nice looking but it is about making it be in harmony with us. Actually, many times a decoration done by following feng shui would not look nice or be esthetically correct at all. By following feng shui, we could end up doing some ofrepparttar 116147 things we would never have thought to do in our decoration.

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