Mom, are you tired of being tired?

Written by Missi L. Boness

Are you tired of being tired? Need to work from home because of disablity or have to be home because ofrepparttar kids? Do you need extra money? The M.O.M. Team hasrepparttar 117728 answer. Whether you are looking to be a consumer and enjoy over 350 of our non-toxic products, such as vitamins, household cleaners, beauty aids and pharmacuticals or you want

Are YOU Finished?

Written by Gail Hornback

Isn't it great - that awesome feeling of accomplishment you get when you finish a project. I LOVE it.

For example, creating an ebook. An idea grows into an outline, and then to (sometimes agonizing) hours of research, writing, rewriting, editing, and rewriting, compiling and recompiling, then finally compiling it forrepparttar last time, and uploading it torepparttar 117727 server to make it available torepparttar 117728 public.

Ah, what a nice feeling.

But, in general, if you're expecting that feeling in relationship to your Ebusiness, you'd better get ready for an attitude adjustment.

Too many people are looking for a Business they can put on line and sit back and reaprepparttar 117729 rewards. Sorry to burst your bubble, butrepparttar 117730 odds of finding that kind of opportunity are pretty slim - if not non-existent.

It pains me when I see someone investing their money, and ESPECIALLY their hopes, into one ofrepparttar 117731 millions ofrepparttar 117732 "make-money-automatically" programs. And trust me, there are MILLIONS of them, and MILLIONS of people trying to work them.

Creating and managing a REAL Ebusiness is a job that has no end. It is never complete and ready to set on auto-pilot. "So, what will I be doing?", you say, "Once my website is complete, can't I take some satisfaction in that?"

First of all, your website will NEVER be complete. If you have come to a point where you think it is, you'd better do some re-thinking. A successful, income-producing website is an ongoing process. You should always be looking for ways to make it better, to add content, change content, add new ideas, add new products, change marketing procedures, and on and on it goes.

NOTHING works forever. And nothing works alone.

Secondly, if you are doing it right, you'll never finish your email. A successful Ebusiness means answering loads of email. A REAL Ebusiness has REAL customers, with REAL needs and problems and questions. If you are doing something right, you will have more email than you can handle. ( Besidesrepparttar 117733 SPAM!) People have questions, suggestions, problems, praises. And you want it all. Keeping your personal contact alive with your site visitors is essential to keeping your business successful and growing.

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