Mom’s Head To Toe List - Five Things To Do Before Summer

Written by Nicole Dean

Summer is here! Are you prepared to be a sun-loving beauty? This checklist for Summer Preparation will give you a good start for swimsuit season.

Exercise – Ladies, there’s nowhere to hide it anymore. The big, bad cellulite fairy visited duringrepparttar winter again. Or does cellulite reproduce when it’s cold? Either way, get out your walking shoes and hitrepparttar 142950 streets. Or grab an exercise video and shake it until it melts off.

Pluck or wax those eyebrows. – The bright sunlight will show every little straggler. There’s nothing worse than looking like Bert in a bikini!

Swimsuit Shopping – Although most women would rather have a root canal than to go swimsuit shopping, it is a necessary evil. If your options are to go swimsuit shopping or to run aroundrepparttar 142951 pool in a worn, baggy, see-through swimsuit – please drag yourself torepparttar 142952 store! I’ll berepparttar 142953 one hiding inrepparttar 142954 stall next to you, laughing as I try on yet another swimsuit over my undergarments and try to figure out exactly what I’m looking at.

The Mindful Shopper: Learning From Your Trendy Mistakes

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

Are you a fashion trend watcher? Do you spend a lot of time flipping through magazines and analyzingrepparttar wardrobe choices of others? Do you buy trendy items only to despise them--and yourself--later?

Trend-watching--and, more precisely, observing our trend-watching--gives us tremendous opportunities to create awareness ofrepparttar 142555 traits we hope we have but are not sure we do. In fact, being frustrated, embarrassed, or depressed that we have succumbed to a trend is a perfect chance to discover what we value most.

It usually comes down to this: creativity and confidence. If we find ourselves buying that trendy little bag or those must-have shoes, that little voice inside us shouts “Sell-out!” and we start to feel that perhaps we’re not all we’d hoped to be. After all, a truly creative person would buy--or even make--something unique, and a confident person wouldn’t hesitate to go againstrepparttar 142556 current trend and head in a completely different direction, or choose to buy nothing at all.

And thus begins a soak inrepparttar 142557 self-loathing tub, followed inevitably by an abandoned item atrepparttar 142558 bottom ofrepparttar 142559 closet.

To avoid this, you must pay attention to it.

What trendy items are buried in your closet at this moment? Why did you buy them? Who were you with when you maderepparttar 142560 purchase? How were you feeling aboutrepparttar 142561 world in general and yourself in particular?

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