Written by Robert Bruce Baird


The Way ofrepparttar Peaceful Warrior is a great book that would allow people to see how they can cause change. It is written by Dan Millman who brings usrepparttar 146605 following from another of his books that are all worth contemplation.

"On an otherwise ordinary day, an angel appeared to a young merchant and former camel herder, known by all inrepparttar 146606 city where he was born. The angel's words filled him with awe and dread--it told him that he was to defy his people's ancestral religion, to denounce 360 deities carved in stone and worshipped for centuries, to declare himselfrepparttar 146607 prophet of a single God, to abolish a way of life upon which countless lives and beliefs were founded--and establish a new religion out of nothing. Surely, he would be met with incredulity, rejection, violent persecution, and exile. Could his seemingly mad quest bring anything but failure--or at best, a martyr's death?

Or would this mortal, obedient torepparttar 146608 divine command of an angel, achieve a victory beyond any that reason could have foretold?

He was born in Mecca in A.D. 570. His father died before his birth. His devastated mother, unable to nurse him, named Muhammad and gave him to a nursemaid--a shepherdess in a band of Bedouins. Muhammad spent his first five years with these nomads, living a hardy open-air existence followingrepparttar 146609 grazing flocks through desert grass and scrub, sleeping in tents beneath a vast desert sky. Once weaned, he drank camel's milk and ate mostly rice, dates, wild birds, and locusts fried in oil. Fromrepparttar 146610 beginning,repparttar 146611 desert claimed Muhammad as its own. He would always be a Bedouin at heart.

At age six, he returned to his mother, but she died later that year. He ended up living with an uncle, a caravan merchant. Inrepparttar 146612 years that followed, Muhammad traveled throughout Arabia with his uncle's caravans, learningrepparttar 146613 wisdom ofrepparttar 146614 desert,repparttar 146615 ways of business, andrepparttar 146616 art of war as they fought off bands of marauders. His travels took him into close contact with various tribes and religions--Judaism, Christianity, andrepparttar 146617 Arab sects who worshipped hundreds of gods and goddesses inrepparttar 146618 form of stone idols. These experiences made a deep impression on this thoughtful, introspective youth. From these early threads,repparttar 146619 tapestry of his fate was woven.

He grew into a handsome young man admired for his strong character, moral integrity, and sharp mind. But he had come to a merchant's life more by chance than choice. Disinterested in money and drawn to solitude, he leftrepparttar 146620 caravan to work as a shepherd inrepparttar 146621 desert for months at a time.

When he was 25, Muhammad took a position in a trading company owned by a beautiful woman 15 years his senior. Her name was Khadija. For two years, he led Khadija's caravans throughout Arabia, rising torepparttar 146622 position of company manager. Not surprisingly, Khadija fell in love with him. Finally, she proposed to him through an intermediary. Their marriage, which blessed them with six daughters, would last until Khadija's death 21 years later.

But almost as soon asrepparttar 146623 wedding ceremony had ended, Muhammad's mind again turned inward. His encounters with so many cultures and religions had planted hidden seeds within him that began to grow. He found himself pondering howrepparttar 146624 360 stone gods inrepparttar 146625 temple of Mecca could save souls. Such questions drew him to once again search his own soul inrepparttar 146626 solitude ofrepparttar 146627 desert.

Muhammad began spending his days in a cave inrepparttar 146628 hills outside Mecca, fasting, praying, and meditating. Sleeping little, he began to enter altered states {Seems a man away from a woman having visions who is a shepherd and poor person, might have begun to prove appealing inrepparttar 146629 literary tradition.} and have waking visions--to experiencerepparttar 146630 inner life of a mystic. At times, violent trembling seized him and he lost consciousness. A practical man of robust health who had endured many grueling journeys acrossrepparttar 146631 desert, he found these phenomena strange and disturbing. But these inner quakes {Buddha's story includes lots of this kind of thing. What would happen to them today?} that he feared might berepparttar 146632 harbingers of failing health were actuallyrepparttar 146633 premonitory tremors of a great awakening.

One night inrepparttar 146634 holy month of Ramadan in his 40th year, while fasting and praying in his desert cave, Muhammad heard a voice calling him with great urgency. Looking up inrepparttar 146635 darkness of his cave, he saw an angel standing before him, emanating a dazzling light. Muhammad fainted with fear, when he awoke, he foundrepparttar 146636 angel still standing there.

'Read, thou,'repparttar 146637 angel commanded him in a voice of stern authority.

'I cannot,' Muhammad stammered, for he could barely read.

'Read, thou,'repparttar 146638 angel commanded him again in verse, 'inrepparttar 146639 name ofrepparttar 146640 Lord who created all things, who created man from a clot. Read inrepparttar 146641 name ofrepparttar 146642 Most High who taught manrepparttar 146643 use ofrepparttar 146644 pen and taught him what before he knew not.'

In awe, Muhammad repeated these words, memorizing each one. Thenrepparttar 146645 angel said, 'Muhammad, thou artrepparttar 146646 messenger of Allah and I am his angel, Gabriel.'

Scary Statistics

Written by Dene McGriff

Scary Statistics

By Doug Perry

I was wondering what to post today and received this today from a friend in Israel. I thought it was so good, I would share it with you.

"THE UNARGUABLE FACTS" -by Doug Perry. [-Kansas City businessman]

Forgive Us, God!! Big Government. Big Business. Big Oil. Big Tobacco. BIG CHURCH. The Church has become part ofrepparttar problem. We're not living like Christ. Of course they think we're hypocrites - because we ARE! Forgive us, God.

"Scarey Stats"

We fully expect you to stomp away mad, but you might want to consider that our only effort here is to point out facts about how bigrepparttar 146370 problem has gotten .

This is a compilation ofrepparttar 146371 scariest, most embarrassing, most shocking statistics and information aboutrepparttar 146372 Church and its affairs. Somebody is going to have to stand before Jesus one day and explain their role in this. We don't want it to be us - or you. We don't quote anything haphazardly without having good documentation and sources.


38 countries are primarily unevangelized. (i.e. 1.6 Billion souls)

Assets ofrepparttar 146373 Church:

US Christians control TRILLIONS in assets while at any given time 200,000,000 Brothers and Sisters starve.

78 countries each have Great Commission Christians whose personal incomes exceed US$1 billion a year. Financial Fraud inrepparttar 146374 Church:

Annual church embezzlements by top custodians exceedrepparttar 146375 entire cost of all foreign missions worldwide. Emboldened by lax procedures, trusted church treasurers are embezzling fromrepparttar 146376 Church $5,500,000 PER DAY. That's $16 Billion per YEAR! {For reference: TOTAL Christian spending on foreign missions is only $15 Billion. God forgive us!}

Criminal penalties against clergy in sexual abuse cases now exceed $1 billion, causing a number of churches, dioceses and denominations to be forced into bankruptcy.

Wasteful Spending byrepparttar 146377 Church:

95% of all church budgets inrepparttar 146378 US are spent on our own comforts and programs. Less than 1% is spent on evangelism torepparttar 146379 most unreached.

40% ofrepparttar 146380 church’s entire global foreign mission resources are being deployed to just 10 oversaturated countries already possessing strong citizen-run home ministries.

More than 90% of all Christian materials are in English, but only 8% ofrepparttar 146381 world speaks English.

All costs of ministry divided by number of baptisms per year. Cost per baptism in India - $9803 per person. Cost per baptism inrepparttar 146382 United States - $1,550,000 per person.

Every yearrepparttar 146383 churches hold a mega census costing $1.1 billion, sending out 10 million questionnaires in 3,000 languages, which covers 180 major religious subjects.

91% of all Christian outreach/evangelism does not target non-Christians but targets other Christians in already-evangelized countries or people-groups.

Each year,180 million Bibles and New Testaments are wasted - lost, destroyed, or disintegrated - due to incompetence, hostility, bad planning, or inadequate manufacture.

Missions andrepparttar 146384 Church:

Some 250 ofrepparttar 146385 300 largest international Christian organizations regularly misleadrepparttar 146386 Christian public by publishing demonstrably incorrect or falsified progress statistics.

Christian triumphalism - not as pride in huge numbers, but as publicized self-congratulation - is rampant in most churches, agencies, and ministries.

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