Modular Homes...Here are the Advantages

Written by Nancy Storrs, Custom Modular Homes, LLC - Wisconsin

Backed By A Warranty... Many manufacturers of modular homes offer extensive warranties against structural defects.

Multiple Inspections, Not Just One... Modular Homes are built to conform torepparttar Uniform Dwelling Code, and comply with Local requirements ofrepparttar 125477 state and county to which they’ll be delivered – just like other homes being “stick built” anywhere inrepparttar 125478 state. Modular Homes however, have a distinct advantage of being inspected three times before you ever take occupancy. The first inspection occurs withrepparttar 125479 production supervisor onrepparttar 125480 production line. The second inspection is performed in accordance with an independent Third Party Inspector atrepparttar 125481 manufacturer’s facility. Lastly,repparttar 125482 local building inspector in your own municipality inspectsrepparttar 125483 home. “Stick built” homes are only inspected once on site.

Faster Completion... Modular homes can be built faster because most ofrepparttar 125484 work – including most plumbing and electrical work is completed atrepparttar 125485 factory. The wallboard, cabinets, doors, windows and bath fixtures are in place whenrepparttar 125486 home arrives at your site. That means savings of time oncerepparttar 125487 house is set on your foundation. There are fewer contractors to manage, fewer people to completerepparttar 125488 work, and faster completion. Dollars are saved. Scheduling is simplified. And ultimately onlyrepparttar 125489 plumber, electrician, carpenter crew and furnace company need to perform any site work oncerepparttar 125490 house is set.

Interest Savings – Time is Money... With a construction loan, as with any mortgage loan,repparttar 125491 first payments are predominantly interest. A typical construction loan for a “stick built” home can be 6 to 12 months long. Now imagine how many dollars can be saved ifrepparttar 125492 time of construction is cut in half! You can save thousands of dollars in interest because modular homes can be completed in as few as 45 days fromrepparttar 125493 timerepparttar 125494 house is set onrepparttar 125495 foundation.

Bananas: All That Potassium and Carmen Miranda Too!

Written by Marjorie Dorfman

Bananas: All That Potassium And Carmen Miranda Too!

"…We have old-fashioned tomahto, Long Island potahto, but Yes, we have no bananas. We have no bananas today.."- Folk song by Frank Silver and Irving Cohen (1923)

Whether you are off to Rio followingrepparttar colorful trail of Carmen Miranda’s fruit-filled hat or seated on your couch contemplatingrepparttar 125476 universe,repparttar 125477 banana can always come along forrepparttar 125478 ride. There are so many aspects to this strange and wonderful fruit. Even its shape is a bit mysterious; conjuring images of tropical islands and sun-filled days. Did you know thatrepparttar 125479 word "banana" originates fromrepparttar 125480 Arabic and means finger? Doesn’t that make you wonder whererepparttar 125481 rest ofrepparttar 125482 hand is? I have been hooked on bananas ever since I was a child, and Miss Chiquita, drawn by Dik Brown who also createdrepparttar 125483 Campbell kids, used to sing to me throughrepparttar 125484 television in my parents’ living room. (I always wondered why she never had her own show. She was so much cuter than Ed Sullivan.) You remember her words:

I’m Chiquita Banana and I’m here to say

Bananas need to ripen in a special way

When they are flecked with brown and have a golden hue

Bananas tasterepparttar 125485 best and arerepparttar 125486 best for you.

The banana is so popular in America today that four million tons of them are imported every year. Not to compare apples to oranges, but rather apples to bananas, a banana has less water, fifty percent more food energy, four timesrepparttar 125487 protein, halfrepparttar 125488 fat, twicerepparttar 125489 carbohydrate, almost three timesrepparttar 125490 phosphorus, five timesrepparttar 125491 Vitamin C and iron and at least twicerepparttar 125492 other vitamins and minerals as a single apple! The average American eats 33 pounds of bananas a year. An excellent source of potassium and carbohydrates, they can be eaten any time ofrepparttar 125493 day because of their digestive properties. Natural sugar provides energy for those sports requiring endurance and low proportions of sodium chloridium render a good recommendation for salt free diets.

That’s all quite impressive, I know, but where didrepparttar 125494 banana come from inrepparttar 125495 first place? Did it arrive as a conundrum along withrepparttar 125496 chicken orrepparttar 125497 egg, or did both of them precede it? Buddhist texts from 600bc mentionrepparttar 125498 banana forrepparttar 125499 first time in history. Alexander The Great tasted bananas inrepparttar 125500 Indus Valley in 327bc and in his day they were called pala. China recordsrepparttar 125501 presence of banana plantations as far back as 200ad (way beforerepparttar 125502 birth of Scarlet O’Hara). In 650 ad Islamic conquerors brought bananas back to Palestine and through trade spread them all over Africa. They were unknown torepparttar 125503 New World until 1516 whenrepparttar 125504 first root stocks were brought here by Spanish missionary, Father Tomas de Berlanger.

So much for traveling. How do they grow? The whole matter is extremely confusing. The banana tree itself (even though it is not a tree but a giant plant) is by definition an herb. What is an herb? Without passing go or collecting $200,repparttar 125505 answer is a flowering plant with a fleshy, rather than woody, stem. Each stem consists of ten to fourteen hands, each carrying from eighteen to twenty bananas. The stem, however is a false one, formed by tightly wrapped overlapping leaves, resembling stalks of celery. The plant belongs torepparttar 125506 same family as lilies, orchids and palms andrepparttar 125507 fruit is a berry. By definition, a berry is a simple fruit having a skin surrounding one or more seeds in a fleshy pulp. A banana cut lengthwise will reveal very tiny black seeds within its center. Therefore, a banana is a fruit, herb, berry and plant all atrepparttar 125508 same time. The expression "going bananas" probably came into vogue duringrepparttar 125509 time all of these terms were being defined, don’t you think?

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