Mobile Railway Wheels Turning Device

Written by Alexander Avdenja

The mobile device is designed for rail transport, for wheels of locomotives, motor and freight wagons, in particular, it can be used for elimination of some wheel defects, which appear while in service.

A device is known, which, for elimination of rolling stock wheel defects during depot maintenance requires rolling out wheelset from underrepparttar wagon withrepparttar 133340 help of wheel-lifting devices.

In this case each wheel is turned separately on a stationary machine.

The offered device for elimination of wheel defects appearing while in operation, does not require rolling out wheelsets from underrepparttar 133341 rolling stock,repparttar 133342 wheelset is turned simultaneously.

This device can be used everywhere, where an asphalt or concrete lot is available atrepparttar 133343 level of railhead, and for turning of locomotive wheels an additional pit track is required.

The assignment ofrepparttar 133344 device applied for is to extend wheel service time, reducing rolling stock maintenance time.

Technical result ofrepparttar 133345 assignment is - elimination of wheel defects (sharp flange, reduced flange in case of wear and resurfacing).

For this end for turning wheels of a locomotive with power traction motor, a support is set underrepparttar 133346 wheel being turned.

The wheelset preliminary should be lifted and leveled againstrepparttar 133347 railhead by 15-25 mm with help of hydraulic jacks of 30t lifting capacity.

One ofrepparttar 133348 jacks is placed onrepparttar 133349 support body and serves for its fixation againstrepparttar 133350 wheel turned.

60 V DC from a power supply is applied torepparttar 133351 terminals ofrepparttar 133352 traction motor ofrepparttar 133353 wheelset turned.

After energizingrepparttar 133354 wheelset starts to rotate atrepparttar 133355 rate 200-240 r/min.

VoIP 101: Voice over IP for Beginners

Written by Rich McIver

For those who have never heard aboutrepparttar potential of VoIP, be prepared to radically changerepparttar 133339 way you think about your current long-distance calling plan. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is very simply, a method for taking ordinary analog audio signals and turning them into digital signals that can be sent overrepparttar 133340 Internet.

So what? Well, for those of you who are already paying a monthly fee for an Internet connection, this means that you can use that same connection to place free long distance phone calls. This process works by using already available VoIP software to make phone calls overrepparttar 133341 Internet, essentially circumventing phone companies and their service charges.

Interestingly, VoIP is not an entirely new thing. In fact, a number of providing companies have been around for some time. But it has only been withrepparttar 133342 more recent explosion of high-speed internet access usage, that VoIP has gotten any attention. Nowrepparttar 133343 major telephone carriers are setting up their own VoIP calling plans throughoutrepparttar 133344 US, another testament torepparttar 133345 potential ofrepparttar 133346 technology.

How VoIP Is Used

While there are a number of ways that VoIP is currently being used, most individual callers fall into one of three categories: ATA, IP Phones, and Computer-to-Computer.

ATA or Analog Telephone Adaptor, isrepparttar 133347 most common way of using VoIP. This adaptor actually allows you to hook uprepparttar 133348 phone that is already in your house, to your computer, and then your Internet connection. Whatrepparttar 133349 ATA does, is turnrepparttar 133350 analog signals your phone sends out into digital signals that can be sent overrepparttar 133351 Internet. Setting up this system is quite simple. It simply requires that you order an ATA (its an adaptor remember), plugrepparttar 133352 cable from your phone which would normally go intorepparttar 133353 wall socket intorepparttar 133354 ATA, and thenrepparttar 133355 ATA gets plugged into your computer, which is connected torepparttar 133356 internet. Some ATAs include software that has to be installed on your computer before its ready, but basically it's quite a simple process. Then you are ready to make some calls.

The next type of VoIP usage utilizes IP Phones instead of your home phone. The IP Phone looks just like a normal phone, with allrepparttar 133357 same buttons and cradle,repparttar 133358 only difference is that instead of having a normal wall jack connector, it has an Ethernet connector. This means, that instead of plugging in your IP phone torepparttar 133359 wall jack like you would with a regular analog phone, it gets plugged directly into your router. This option allows you to circumvent your personal computer, and it also means that you will not have to install any software, because its all built in torepparttar 133360 handset. In addition,repparttar 133361 fact that Wi-Fi IP phones will soon be available, which will allow subscribing callers to make VoIP calls from any Wi-Fi hot spot, make this option an exciting possibility.

The simplest and cheapest way to use VoIP is through computer-to-computer calls. These calls are entirely free, meaning no calling plan whatsoever. The only thing you need, isrepparttar 133362 software which can be found for free onrepparttar 133363 internet, a good internet connection, a microphone, speakers, and a sound card. Except for your monthly internet service fee, there is literally no cost for making these calls, no matter how many you make.

For large companies, VoIP also offers some very unique possibilities. Some larger companies are already utilizingrepparttar 133364 technology by conducting all intra-office calls through a VoIP network. Becauserepparttar 133365 quality of sound is comparable to and in some cases surpasses that of analog service, some international companies are using VoIP to route international calls throughrepparttar 133366 branch of their company nearestrepparttar 133367 call's destination and then completing it on an analog system. This allows them to pay local rates internationally and still utilizerepparttar 133368 same intra-office VoIP network that they would if they were calling someone inrepparttar 133369 next cubicle over.

Other Advantages of VoIP

While your current long-distance plan covers you for only one location, say calls made from your office, with VoIP, you can make a call anywhere that you can get a broadband connection. That is because all three methods above, unlike analog calls, sendrepparttar 133370 call information viarepparttar 133371 Internet. This means you can make calls from home, on vacation, on business trips, and almost anywhere else. Anywhere you go, with VoIP you can bring your home phone along with you. Inrepparttar 133372 same way, computer-to-computer connections mean that as long as you have your laptop and a connection, you're ready to go.

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