Mobile Phone Evolution

Written by Carl Harper

The pace at whichrepparttar Mobile Phone has evolved overrepparttar 133506 last couple of years is truly remarkable. Triband, WAP, personalised Polyphonic Ringtones, Themes, Games, Radios are now merely standard features on a lot of todays compact mobile phones.

But what aboutrepparttar 133507 future?

The developments that are inrepparttar 133508 pipeline or already onrepparttar 133509 more expensive handsets begsrepparttar 133510 question, isrepparttar 133511 mobile phone about to become extinct?

The answer is yes!!!

An evolution has taken place and we are now seeingrepparttar 133512 birth of communication & entertainment devices that have phone capabilities, rather thanrepparttar 133513 other way around.

eProcurement and Translation

Written by Gavin Wheeldon

eProcurement and Translation Gavin Wheeldon of Applied Language Solutions

Background of eProcurement

The world of purchasing took a significant change withrepparttar introduction of eProcurement systems. Unbelievable ROI was promised andrepparttar 133505 whole purchasing world was about to revolutionise, all for a mere few million investment.

This would be done by rationalisingrepparttar 133506 supply base to an absolute minimum and then ensuring no off contract buying was done by enforcing purchases throughrepparttar 133507 system. There were additional savings inrepparttar 133508 reduction of administration from purchase orders through to invoice payment. A small problem

Then along camerepparttar 133509 rather significant problem of supplier adoption onto these systems. Without a critical mass of spend there would be no real ROI. The problem came in that there were so many different proprietary systems including Oracle’s iProcurement, Ariba, Commerce One, SAP and a multitude of others thatrepparttar 133510 cost of supporting multiple catalogue formats was prohibitive for suppliers. Even worse was when services or configurable products were attempted to be catalogued. Punch Out

Then along came Punch out or Round Trip depending on which you prefer (This article will use punch out), howeverrepparttar 133511 principle isrepparttar 133512 same. This allows end users to browse a supplier’s website and bring back intorepparttar 133513 systemrepparttar 133514 details ofrepparttar 133515 purchase, therefore allowing allrepparttar 133516 same business rules and processes to be applied. This solved problems for configurable products, volatile pricing and some other key supply chain issues. Translation

The level of translation spend in a company is often underestimated and in most large organisations runs into many millions. It is estimated that throughrepparttar 133517 correct use of technology andrepparttar 133518 consolidation of this spend savings of up to 60% can be achieved. Thereforerepparttar 133519 benefits of adding this spend to eProcurement can far outweigh evenrepparttar 133520 larger spend categories.

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