Mithilanchal ... Heart Of Mithila

Written by Niraj


Know Mithila [Click]:

Mithila is an ancient kingdom now split between northern Bihar in India andrepparttar Tarai region of

Nepal. This site is a starting place to learn more about Mithila culture and history. It is also for people

who would like to be updated on events taking place in and activities concerningrepparttar 149012 Maithil

community. Also to Know about Mithilanchal, mithilanchal Brahmans, Madhubani pantings,

Vidyapati, Maithil poets. Mithila isrepparttar 149013 place for maithils to interact about mithila culture, mithila

literature, mithila network, mithila matrimonial. Mithila lies between NEPAL and INDIA.

Informations Presented by: Niraj Kumar Jha

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What Makes A Good Media Story?

Written by Robert F. Abbott

Media relations can be difficult, but also rewarding. Andrepparttar lessons we learn from working with newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and online publications should increaserepparttar 148839 effectiveness of all our communication initiatives.

That's because dealing withrepparttar 148840 media parallels our dealings with other stakeholders. In media relations,repparttar 148841 competition to be heard and get a response intensifies. Asrepparttar 148842 old saying about New York goes, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!" So, if you can getrepparttar 148843 media to pick up your 'story,' you should be able to get other stakeholders to dorepparttar 148844 same.

To get media attention for your story, you'll need to make it appealing to reporters and editors. One way to do that is to ensure it includes at least one ofrepparttar 148845 four characteristics that make a story attractive to magazines, newspapers, radio, television, and online publications.

These characteristics come out of a chapter on media relations in my book, A Manager's Guide to Newsletters: Communicating for Results. In turn, that was based on 10 years I spent working as a radio news writer and announcer, and subsequent freelance contributions to print and electronic media.

Whilerepparttar 148846 details vary from medium to medium, reporters will look for these characteristics in your news release or article: widespread interest, something new, something dramatic, or timeliness.

Widespread interest refers torepparttar 148847 degree of relevance for readers, listeners, or viewers. And, that's specific torepparttar 148848 audience of individual outlets. For example, a subject may be relevant to listeners at a youth-oriented radio station, but not an adult-oriented station.

Something new refers to unique or previously unknown information, as in conventional news stories. It may also be a new perspective on existing information (which is what most columnists and commentators create).

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