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Community Branding Tip For Your MLM Business

Written by Michael Lemm

was talking to a neighbor and fellow NWMer last year about marketing ideas....while we were both cleaning up our yards after Hurricane Isabel. He shared some pretty neat tips I'd call "community branding".

Here's just one "semi" inovative idea for you to chew on:

Participating in community charity activities. Just that simple....but with lot's of potential.

For example..... how about your group running in a local 5K forrepparttar Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.....all wearing T-shirts with your group/business name on it. Carry a sign acrossrepparttar 122450 finish line with "The Yada Yada company running for a cure" (or whatever....be more creative than that obviously....LOL). Talk to media coveringrepparttar 122451 event. Network with fellow participants. Be involved.

How about your group volunteering to help at functions for your local YMCA ....or local library....or rec center....or PTA...or.... you getrepparttar 122452 idea.

Or...very timely for us....go out as a group and help clean up your neighborhood after something like Isabel.

Have something like a sign, banner, T-shirts that say who you are (special T-shirts only for something like Isabel clean-up). But don't pass out brochures and company material. Just network and create visibility. Maybe have a few business cards in your pocket and hand them only to those who ask. You could also have brochures etc. in your car maybe.

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