Missed Once, Twice, Thrice Got It!

Written by Susan James

Like many of you, I am one of those Entrepreneur types. Give me Line, and I'll Step Over It. Tell Me I Can't, Just Watch Me! Big Dreams In My Heart Comin' True ? You Betcha !

I missedrepparttar first chance. Why? The *They* People said: Lifes Success Looks *this* way.

One of my many career/livelihoods was owning & franchising my own Fitness Centers, from which I also developed a Unique Approach to weight loss. I loved being who I was when I was doing that.

But, I went back to *work* for Corporate America. Did that for 5 years. Made good money, had great perks, was optimistic and enthusiastic, but not happy. Only then I did not know what happy in my livelihood meant because of whatrepparttar 102066 *they* people said Success is supposed to look like and how you get there.

While I was in corporate America & also being an Entre- preneur, I started my own mail order business. And I started getting checks inrepparttar 102067 mail for something I loved and was good at. Wow, what a Feeling !

Corporate America changed, and I, because ofrepparttar 102068 *they* people conditioning went with another Corporation, more and better big bucks and perks, still not happy. And again forrepparttar 102069 2nd time, I gave up what I loved doing, because ofrepparttar 102070 *time* needed to devote torepparttar 102071 corporate thing, and because *success and financial security* was supposed to*look like this*.

Voice Mail Etiquette

Written by Richard Lowe

I am a busy executive of a multi-billion dollar company. As such I am incredibly busy and must choose where focus my energy and efforts with great care. Thus, I am always looking for those things that steal time.

One of those time stealers isrepparttar phone. In fact, next to meetings and email, it is probablyrepparttar 102065 worst time stealer of all. Phone tag is a complete waste of time, and I generally simply refuse to playrepparttar 102066 game at all.

Voice mails, like email messages, can be major time wasters. I know you've gotten at least once voice mail in your life that goes on and on, withrepparttar 102067 callers phone number mumbled atrepparttar 102068 end. You just wasted five or ten minutes!

So what I do is simple. Unlessrepparttar 102069 voice mail message is from my boss or someone very important (like my wife), I will ignore it unless it follows most ofrepparttar 102070 voice mail etiquette rules listed below.

Tell me who you are - I hate playingrepparttar 102071 guessing game. If you leave a message without leaving your name (first and last is best), then I'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out who you are.

Leave contact information - Look, I'm pretty good at what I do but I don't have every phone number inrepparttar 102072 world memorized. In fact, believe it or not, I may not have your phone number even listed in my address book. Even if I do, you've given me another reason not to call you back - you've annoyed me by forcing me to have to search around for your number. This wastes time, and unless your call is important to me you are probably not going to get a return call.

Be polite - Believe me, my day is hard enough without listening to a hostile voice message. You want to make I don't call you back (unless you arerepparttar 102073 boss orrepparttar 102074 boss's boss), then leave a very emotional message. You'd be amazed at how quickly I'll delete those that are hostile or somehow upsetting.

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