Miscommunication - Root Cause of Problems?

Written by Reed Floren

Miscommunication - Root Cause of Problems?

People of two opposing ideas can stir up arguments and fights. It's that situation when one thinks he hasrepparttar right concept whilerepparttar 150581 other one also believes he hasrepparttar 150582 proper notion. Both of them would try to outsmart each other until one claims victory.

Here's an actual example.

My spouse would sometimes buy me signature clothing. When my Mom founds out how much it costs, she would advise us to budget our money and just buyrepparttar 150583 affordable ones.

A problem occurs when my spouse thinks that her effort to give merepparttar 150584 best was unappreciated. Mom, onrepparttar 150585 other hand, would think that my spouse is such a spender.

There's a conflict with their beliefs. No two people are exactly alike. We are totally unique; not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

There will be many times when your opinion will not correspond with that of another. So how can people prevent this kind of conflict from occurring?

Communication isrepparttar 150586 key to overcome doubts and misunderstandings.

You should let other people know what's in your mind. Don't keep them guessing.

There was a story about two couples who were filing a divorce. Afterrepparttar 150587 lawyer have spoken to them both, he found out thatrepparttar 150588 root cause of all their problems was due to miscommunication.

Here's one ofrepparttar 150589 couple's problems.

The man filingrepparttar 150590 divorce said that he just hatedrepparttar 150591 breakfast meal that his wife often prepared for him. Onrepparttar 150592 other hand,repparttar 150593 wife said that she's only preparingrepparttar 150594 meal because she thought it was her husband's favorite. But she never liked cooking it because it's very difficult to prepare.

The True and Magnificent Power of Giving

Written by Reed Floren

The True and Magnificent Power of Giving

You've probably heard ofrepparttar popular saying "It's better to give than to receive." But do you actually know what hidden power lies within this magnanimous act known as "giving?"

When you give something from your heart without expecting anything in return, you release a powerful force that will trigger your good deed to "bounce" back to you in amazing, and sometimes unusual ways.

I firmly believe that whatever you impart to others will come back to you a hundred fold. You are doing yourself a big favor by helping someone in need. By doing evenrepparttar 150580 smallest acts of generosity, you are inviting good vibrations to come into your life.

You would be earningrepparttar 150581 respect and love of your recipients. You know that you will always have a loyal group of friends who would help, protect, and do anything for you just because they feel that they have to repay you in any way they can. Most people would haverepparttar 150582 urge or drive to reciprocate any act of kindness you've shown them.

However, this does not mean that you must expect them to repay you. Give without any expectation of rewards. Don't do it just because you have an ulterior motive. Give unconditionally. Give because you are happy doing it. The universe will get back to you in its own special way.

Speaking of happiness,repparttar 150583 act of giving can summonrepparttar 150584 spirit of joy to come into your heart. How would you feel when you've given something to your less fortunate neighbors? Let me tell you that nothing could brighten up my day more than hearing them express their most heartfelt gratitude and seeing their smiles extend from ear to ear.

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