Mint-Chocolate Coffee Spoons

Written by LeAnn R. Ralph

Mint-Chocolate Coffee Spoons (A quick and easy way to enjoy mint-chocolate coffee!)

My sister-in-law makes these, and they sell them at school events to raise money forrepparttar parochial school where her son is enrolled. She says they "sell like hotcakes." Suggested price: 2 for $1. If you want to make gifts for people for birthdays or Christmas or other special occasions, or as party favors,repparttar 113090 coffee spoons work well for that too.

Ordinary plastic spoons

Bars of Hershey's chocolate

Hard peppermint candy or, for something different, try dinner mints

Saran Wrap or other plastic wrap

Short pieces of ribbon

Meltrepparttar 113091 chocolate. Diprepparttar 113092 plastic spoons inrepparttar 113093 chocolate. Lay spoons on wax paper. Beforerepparttar 113094 chocolate sets, place a mint inrepparttar 113095 middle ofrepparttar 113096 spoon.

Whenrepparttar 113097 chocolate has cooled and hardened, cover spoon with Saran Wrap (or other plastic wrap). Tie a ribbon around handle ofrepparttar 113098 spoon to holdrepparttar 113099 plastic wrap in place. (Use colored plastic wrap and coordinating colors forrepparttar 113100 ribbon, if you prefer.)

Coffee Cupping For The Fun Of It

Written by Gary Gresham

Coffee cupping is a method to comparerepparttar different characteristics of a coffee bean. Cupping lets us compare different coffees against each other to evaluaterepparttar 113089 uniqueness between them. This information can give us a better understanding of each different region and their basic tastes. Having a coffee cupping party at home is a great way to socialize and enjoy coffee while evaluating and sharing thoughts onrepparttar 113090 different blends. It can be fun and a sense of adventure discovering flavors and nuances you never thought existed in a cup of coffee. Gather some coffee lovers together with a small cupping supply and letrepparttar 113091 fun begin. Coffee cupping is not difficult and will take some practice and patience butrepparttar 113092 reward will give you invaluable knowledge about coffee. Your cupping supply will consist ofrepparttar 113093 following : 1. Fresh filtered water, not distilled or softened. 2. A coffee scoop that holds 2 tablespoons. 3. Small cupping cups that hold 5 ounces each (3 for each sample; if cupping 3 coffees you will need 9). 4. Small rectangle plastic trays to hold beans; 1 for each coffee. 5. Cupping spoons that are deep for holding samples and slurping. 6. Whole Bean Coffee; enough for 3 cups each-six tablespoons. To Begin: Bring water to rolling boil and let stand. Put your cups onrepparttar 113094 table in 3 groups of 3 each. Using your scoop measure 1 scoop of beans per cup.

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