Mining eBay for Information

Written by Jason James

Few people realize how much information can be gleaned from snooping around on eBay. Sure,repparttar average eBayer knows how to call up a group of products with a click ofrepparttar 147919 mouse, or scourrepparttar 147920 site for individual items that might not fall under any one specific category. But when it comes to retrieving hard-and-fast data that might be of real use, many sellers seem to be overlooking some valuable fact-filled nuggets buried beneathrepparttar 147921 surface.

Drilling Down If you're familiar with eBay then you're probably aware that you can find just about anything onrepparttar 147922 virtual auction block using their handy category listings. In many cases you can find an item by simply drilling down throughrepparttar 147923 site until you reachrepparttar 147924 proper subcategory. Unfortunately, many sellers don't seem to bother doing any research when it comes time to choosing a listing category.

Time and again, sellers have been known to put up items for sale in categories with little or no traffic, or in areas where their prospective bidders would never think to look. Moreover, eBay has been creating an ever-growing array of subcategories. While this strategy might help you place products inrepparttar 147925 appropriate section, it also might prevent general-interest browsers from ever finding your listings.

The first thing you should do before you even begin to compile a listing is to check out where your competition hangs out. Generally, all you need to do is go to eBay search, type in a suitable keyword or phrase, and see what pops up. (To ensure you get enough results, search for both auction titles and descriptions; after all, you never know whether a seller might have poorly titled an auction or left out a significant keyword.)

Of course, there's alwaysrepparttar 147926 possibility that your search will uncover some pretty bizarre listings that have nothing to do withrepparttar 147927 item you plan to sell. More often than not, however, a search will locate a wide range of similar merchandise, in some instances turning uprepparttar 147928 exact same item you intend to list at online auction.

At this point, it might be a good idea to actually peruse each listing to learn more aboutrepparttar 147929 item in question. Make sure to examinerepparttar 147930 way it was listed and who put it up for sale, includingrepparttar 147931 seller's feedback rating. In addition, you might want to note whererepparttar 147932 item has been listed throughoutrepparttar 147933 site and see whether you agree withrepparttar 147934 product placement.

Nodus Provides Business Process Automation for Online Commerce

Written by Nodus Technologies, Inc.

Nodus Provides Business Process Automation for Online Commerce

Nodus offers “out ofrepparttar box” integration between Microsoft Business Solutions - Great Plains and online web stores to reduce implementation time, cost, and complexity

Claremont, CA and Minneapolis, MN, July 7, 2005 - Nodus Technologies, Inc. announced at Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2005,repparttar 147675 launch of eStore Solution Stack – an innovative new product that offers an end-to-end business process automation readily integrated with Microsoft® Business Solutions - Great Plains. The first of Nodus’ eStore Solution Stack is targeted for online commerce process automation. It connects credit card processing torepparttar 147676 accounting solution, expedites transaction processing, and eliminates error prone manual data re-entry by linking online commerce withrepparttar 147677 rest ofrepparttar 147678 corporate financial system.

By partnering with two leading shopping cart suppliers, BV Commerce from BV Software and StoreFront from LaGarde, Nodus’ solution stack offers a fully featured shopping cart for web stores with a predefined set of commonly required functions that integrate with Microsoft Great Plains “out ofrepparttar 147679 box”. Companies seeking to streamline their business process and automate their web orders withinrepparttar 147680 Microsoft Great Plains environment can take immediate advantage of this solution. They can also opt to userepparttar 147681 eStore Solution Stack as a base to add customized features for their specific industry and business.

“Businesses interested in automating web orders will benefit fromrepparttar 147682 combination of shopping cart, eStore Advantage and Microsoft Great Plains in one complete solution,” said Jon Pratt, senior director, Great Plains product marketing, Microsoft. “Nodus’ eStore Solution Stack is built onrepparttar 147683 Microsoft Great Plains vertical platform extendingrepparttar 147684 functionality of eConnect. The result is a winning combination that answers a definite market need.”

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