Mini-Sites -- Highly Targeted Sales Generators

Written by Shelley Lowery

If you're looking for a highly effective method of increasing your Internet sales, then mini-sites may be your answer. Mini-sites are one ofrepparttar most effective marketing tools online. Not only are they effective, but they're also very inexpensive and easy to create.

The concept is simple. Create a one or two page website that completely focuses on one specific topic. Everything within this page should have one purpose -- getting your visitors to take action.

This page should be neatly designed in standard HTML with no Flash or fancy plug-ins and very few graphics. There should be no banners or outside links of any kind -- nothing that will distract your visitors' attention.

The sole purpose of a mini-site is to attract highly targeted traffic. The more targetedrepparttar 127318 better. For example, if you have a website that sells a number of products, a good mini-site will focus on one specific product instead of all ofrepparttar 127319 products. You can create a mini-site for each product you offer.

Designing Your Mini-Site

Each mini-site you create should be optimized for that one specific product. Concentrate on just a few keyword phrases, as this will help you to tighten your targeting. Remember ...repparttar 127320 tighterrepparttar 127321 targetingrepparttar 127322 better.

* Title - Your "Title" should contain your most important keywords. You've probably heard that before, but I've found a slightly different method for optimizingrepparttar 127323 title. Since mini-sites focus on just one product, placerepparttar 127324 "most" important "keyword phrase" first. Not just your most important phrase, butrepparttar 127325 keyword phrase that you think people will use when they do a search. Instead of capitalizingrepparttar 127326 first letter, type it in lowercase, as most people type in all lowercase letters when searching. This will assist you in ranking higher inrepparttar 127327 Search Engines for your targeted audience.

* Description - Your description should focus on one specific product and not generalize. Make sure you include your most important keywords towardsrepparttar 127328 beginning of your description. In addition, make sure your description describes your site in detail. You want your potential visitors to know exactly what you're offering. Your description should be less than 200 characters.

* Keywords - Concentrate on just a few keyword phrases.

* Heading tags - Search Engines pay close attention torepparttar 127329 text displayed withinrepparttar 127330 "Heading" tags. Place your most important keyword phrase within a "Heading" tag.

How to Close More Online Sales - Through the Magic of Questions

Written by Vadim Rachkowan

No one can deny that sales closing techniques are absolutely vital in face-to-face selling. But often, people ask me if they can apply my powerful closing techniques to online marketing. My answer is an unequivocal, "Yes!"

Of course, there are some closing techniques that are more applicable torepparttar Web than others -- but I'll show you magical closing secrets that can dramatically increase your web sales, and rapidly increase your online income. This works best on direct response websites - i.e., those that focus on getting an immediate response inrepparttar 127317 form of an order or lead.

Before we get started, I must emphasize that much ofrepparttar 127318 sale is made inrepparttar 127319 presentation. The close is largely determined by how well you've presentedrepparttar 127320 product torepparttar 127321 prospect. Your objective, then, is to takerepparttar 127322 prospect smoothly pastrepparttar 127323 point of closing, making it easy for him or her to come to a buying decision. You can accomplish this withrepparttar 127324 strategic use of questions.

The All-Important Opening Question

When you're selling online, you don't haverepparttar 127325 benefit of interacting with your prospectrepparttar 127326 way you would in face-to-face selling. Therefore,repparttar 127327 first thing you say in your web copy has to be something that breaks preoccupation, grabs attention, and points torepparttar 127328 result or benefit ofrepparttar 127329 your product.

At any given moment, your prospect's mind is preoccupied with dozens of things. Therefore, a well-crafted question will causerepparttar 127330 prospect's thinking to be directed to what you have to say.

Your opening question must be aimed at something that is relevant and important, and at something that your prospect needs or wants. What do sales managers, for instance, sit around and think about all day long? Increasing sales! Therefore, if your target market consists of sales managers, here's an example of a question you can use as a headline or asrepparttar 127331 first part of your copy: "How would you like to see a method that would enable you to increase your sales by 20% to 30% overrepparttar 127332 next 12 months?"

When you ask such a question,repparttar 127333 first thing that pops intorepparttar 127334 mind ofrepparttar 127335 prospect should be, "What is it?" - whereupon you've captured his or her attention, and you can then begin to articulate how your product or service can solverepparttar 127336 need posed byrepparttar 127337 question.

Plan your opening question carefully. If your opening question fails to break your prospect's preoccupation and grab his attention, he will click away before giving yourepparttar 127338 opportunity to present your product or service.

Questions That Keep Them Involved

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