Mindfulness and Curiosity: Inspiring Affection

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious." -------Albert Einstein

I like to think of Mindfulness and Curiosity as best friends.

If Mindfulness isrepparttar quiet one noticing new things, Curiosity isrepparttar 135251 more energetic one willing to explorerepparttar 135252 details and play with every new discovery.

Sure, they could go their separate ways, but their relationship is enriching and enjoyable. They learn more together, and they have a whole lot more fun than they ever would on their own.

Mindfulness and Curiosity go hand in hand. The best approach to mindfulness is one that encouragesrepparttar 135253 development of a hearty curiosity in all those novel stimuli that get noticed.

It's no secret that lifelong learners are those who tend to berepparttar 135254 most curious aboutrepparttar 135255 world, and it stands to reason thatrepparttar 135256 ones who keep poking around are likely to learn more than those who are happy to rehashrepparttar 135257 same ideas repeatedly.

Besides helping you learn more and develop greater awareness ofrepparttar 135258 world around you,repparttar 135259 mindful/curious combo is likely to result in less prejudice, deeper engagement, and higher self-esteem. At least, that's whatrepparttar 135260 latest research tells us, and I tend to trust those Harvard folks on this one.

How does mindful curiosity reduce prejudice? It's simple if you think about it. Being mindful of others who are different leads to a heightened awareness of our behavior and attitudes. This opensrepparttar 135261 door to curiosity, which can guide us to learn more about others and to find significant ways in which we are similar.

When we meet others with obvious physical differences--whether that's race, height, weight, eye color, hair style, or fashion sense--we tend to first notice what is different. It's like that childhood song, "One of these things is not likerepparttar 135262 other...." We seerepparttar 135263 differences FIRST, and that's natural.


Written by Kay L. Schlagel


I have long held out hope of my family loving me, wanting me, and being good enough for them to love. There isnít such a thing, as being good enough to love. You should be loved just as you are; not because of what you can accomplish, or have accomplished inrepparttar past. There shouldnít be any other reason, than you exist, and are one of Godís creatures. To feelrepparttar 135250 love of others, you must first be able to feel love of self. If you are unable to feel love for yourself, from yourself, how can you possibly know what it feels like to be loved by others? How do you accept that love and trust, if youíve never learned to love yourself? It sounds easy to be able to love yourself, but it can berepparttar 135251 most difficult, and challenging task, set before us. It is so easy to believe those negative statements we give ourselves. We especially devourrepparttar 135252 negative things people say about us. Can you even countrepparttar 135253 times youíve called yourself stupid for making a small mistake, or just being human? How many times have you felt like a loser or not good enough, because of minor errors or lapses, that we would easily overlook in another person, but obsess and make into a huge problem for ourselves? It isnít fair but we do it.

We can make great strides in our life and accomplish great things; yet, it isnítrepparttar 135254 good things we do, that we remember and savor; itísrepparttar 135255 mistakes or loss opportunities that we dwell or even obsess on. Instead of building up our self-esteem and self-images we constantly tear ourselves down. Why must we intensely focus on an extra fat roll, or some imagined imperfection? What is this endless pursuit for perfection that we are striving for? It isnít there. It doesnít happen. God did not make us perfect and never expected that out of us. If we were actually perfect, we could be God. Guess What? He isnít looking for a replacement. When he does heíll take out an ad. Until then donít worry about it.

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