Mindfulness and Birthdays: Surprising Moments

Written by Maya Talisman Frost

The first week of May is a big birthday time for my family. My husband's birthday is May 3rd, and my oldest daughter's is May 6th.

This convergence seemed almost too good to be truerepparttar week that Taeko was born. We were living in rural Japan, and it was Golden Week, a period of several national holidays that generally coincides withrepparttar 136918 magnificent display of cherry trees in bloom.

Back in 1986, on May 3rd we celebrated Tom's 23rd birthday. May 5th is Children's Day in Japan, with colorful koi nobori (fish flags) flying from posts in every neighborhood and children participating in greatly anticipated festivities. How perfect that I went into labor on that day of celebration ofrepparttar 136919 joy of childhood.

Taeko was born at 1:00 am on May 6th, and as she settled into my arms and gazed out towardrepparttar 136920 open window on her first sunny morning, a gentle breeze picked up a few pink cherry petals fromrepparttar 136921 tree right outside and scattered them over her beautiful rosy face.

I will never forget it as long as I live.

As we get older, our birthdays seem to lose their luster. I know many people who prefer to ignore their birthdays altogether.

I understand and respectrepparttar 136922 shift toward fewer gifts and less hoopla, but I think it is a shame to ignorerepparttar 136923 opportunity for mindful reflection. We should view birthdays as prized reminders to connect and celebrate.

Sharing your birthday with others becomes less about unwrapping presents and murmuring "You shouldn't have!" and more about laughing with your loved ones aboutrepparttar 136924 milestones you've all navigated overrepparttar 136925 years.

Gary Potter Sucks. Brave Dwarves II Finally Prove It

Written by David D. Deprice

Brave Dwarves II http://www.deprice.com/bravedwarves.htm

Happy years flied by as one day. Grateful people ofrepparttar Fairyland composed numerous songs and tales aboutrepparttar 136865 dwarves' adventures. They showed their appreciation with royal feasts.

Butrepparttar 136866 real hero cannot rest onrepparttar 136867 laurels, fighting forrepparttar 136868 weak is his destiny. Weapons are sharp, magic potions not sour.

To secure peace means to prepare for war... A new challenge for your favorite heroes! This quest is even more difficult! It'srepparttar 136869 most enthralling adventure you've ever gone through... This timerepparttar 136870 dwarves are to pursue evil not only inrepparttar 136871 dungeons,

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