Mind Your Mind

Written by Peter Murphy

Affirmations are often suggested as a means of changing how you feel and yet many people use them and get very little benefit from allrepparttar time spent repeating a short positive phrase. You can use this approach to prepare for a business or social situation where you usually feel tense, shy or unsure of yourself but only if you supercharge your affirmations.

Three Secrets to Effective Affirmations:

1 Drive your Physiology - by this I mean get yourself into a dynamic state of mine by moving your body energetically. I find walking quickly, cycling or jumping aroundrepparttar 123988 house while listening to loud music, all very effective for me. When you feel energized you will put more enthusiasm and emotion into your affirmations and you will make a bigger impression on your mind.

Then say your short positive statement out loud if it is appropriate, otherwise shout it out inside your head where only you can hear it.

2 Create short statements

These statements will describe how you want to be and it is best to state these attributes inrepparttar 123989 present tense as if it is already true.

For example, *I am confident and appreciated by all* Instead of... *I want to have more confidence someday only I do not know when that is likely to be because I have a few problems to deal with right now.*

When you say your affirmation, assume it is already true and express this feeling as you repeatrepparttar 123990 phrase. This way you are programming your brain to find a way for you to achieve your goal.

Release Resistance and Accomplish your Goals

Written by Peter Murphy

Do you ever feel like no matter how hard you try you just cannot seem to make significant progress? You learn some new skills and are excited about using them only you never seem to get around to applying what you learned. No matter what you do your life is like driving uphill withrepparttar handbrake on!

What you are experiencing is resistance, one ofrepparttar 123987 biggest barriers to creating your liferepparttar 123988 way you want it to be. Resistance happens when all parts of you are not pulling together to get you what you want. Thankfully there is a way of releasing resistance so that you can move ahead with greater ease.

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