Mind Your Business and Know Where You Are Going

Written by Gary E. Layton

The key to success in any business is to know where you want to go and how to get there. Easily said but very hard to put into practice. Some ofrepparttar very best of plans and programs go astray because we rely on gut feelings and instinct instead of actually acting in response to hard data concerningrepparttar 133614 effectiveness of what we are doing.

You work your tail off. Formulate business, promotional and advertising plans and do your level best to follow those plans. Unfortunately this is not enough. You must find a way to test repparttar 133615 effectiveness of these plans and programs as you go along. To do this you must have a means to obtain feedback from consumers plusrepparttar 133616 means to testrepparttar 133617 effectiveness of your advertising.

A sad truth in advertising is that some ads appeal to some people and some to others. The same holds true forrepparttar 133618 advertising media selected to get your message out torepparttar 133619 world. A killer ad for one segment ofrepparttar 133620 market is a dud for another. Thatís justrepparttar 133621 way it is. Big Corporations spend millions inrepparttar 133622 never ending quest to find what type of ad and what media is best for them.

Most of us do not possessrepparttar 133623 millions to waste money trying to findrepparttar 133624 ídonít missí ads andrepparttar 133625 proper media. We must proceed withinrepparttar 133626 financial capabilities we have. We cannot afford to waste money on advertising which is not effective for our purpose. Small business people offline or online are faced with some tough problems in their advertising programs. There is never enough money available to do everything that needs to be done. This beingrepparttar 133627 case we must be careful in what we do and when we do it.

We can help ourselves by learningrepparttar 133628 basics of writing good ads and doing some simple research to discover what specific media appears to be most effective, atrepparttar 133629 moment, for businesses like our own. The data is there it just takes a little time and research to discover it. OK, fine we have done our research and are satisfied that we can produce effective ads and knowrepparttar 133630 media we wish to use. What now? Remember we donít have a whole lot of money available so we want to getrepparttar 133631 biggest bang forrepparttar 133632 buck that we can.

Well, if it were me I would look for a program through which I could visibly seerepparttar 133633 results of my advertising. If I placed an ad, I would wish to be able to see whatrepparttar 133634 exact response to that ad has been. I would want to know who sawrepparttar 133635 ad? When? How? Then I can measurerepparttar 133636 effectiveness ofrepparttar 133637 ad byrepparttar 133638 actual response ofrepparttar 133639 viewers. How many viewers actually asked for more information or purchased my product or service based onrepparttar 133640 ad they viewed? Pretty strong stuff is it not? This is exactlyrepparttar 133641 type information you need to judgerepparttar 133642 effectiveness of your advertising.

"How Your Customers Find You!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

The movie, "Field of Dreams", starring Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones, made this line famous: "If you build it, they will come."

That idea worked great inrepparttar movies but it is a whole different ballpark when it comes to a web site or an email campaign onrepparttar 133613 Internet.

The only way to attract traffic onrepparttar 133614 Internet is to PROMOTE. Andrepparttar 133615 key to successful online promotion is to know HOW your traffic found you.


Because when you know HOW your traffic found you then you will know what is working for you so that you can not only maintain it, but also increase it.

And, you will also know what is not working for you.

Be it an email campaign or a web site, it is absolutely essential to code your promotions in order to discover which ones are bringing you successful results.

With email,repparttar 133616 easiest way to do that is byrepparttar 133617 use of Auto-Responders.

There are a host of FREE Auto-Responder services that will allow you to acquire as many FREE responders as you need.

For a "List of FREE Auto-Responder Services", send a blank email to our Auto-Responder at: mailto:freeautoresp@emailexchange.org

Suppose you are promoting an affiliate service that pays you 50% commission. You run one ad in a newsletter, another is done via your signature in posting to a business list and still another ad is exposed via FFA Link submissions.

You can code your ads simply by namingrepparttar 133618 auto-responders different names. For example, you can use adNo1, adNo2, adNo3.

When you receive a reply to adNo1, you will know it came fromrepparttar 133619 newsletter. A reply to adNo2 will be a response to your signature. And, adNo3 will be a reply from your FFA Link posting.

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