Mind Reading: Answer Your Prospect's Questions Before They Ask!

Written by Larry Dotson

How many times have you read an ad and you had a question that would determine whether you would buy or not? Did you takerepparttar extra time to e-mailrepparttar 100942 business your question? If so, did you haverepparttar 100943 extra patience to wait forrepparttar 100944 answer or did you go torepparttar 100945 competition's web site to buy?

Do you see why it's really crucial to answer all your prospects questions before they ask? How do you accomplish this obstacle?

First of all, you want to place yourself inside your prospects shoes. Think like your prospect. Read your ad, what questions would you have if you wererepparttar 100946 prospect? Can I pay by check? Can I haverepparttar 100947 product delivered within 3 days? Do you guaranteerepparttar 100948 product?

To get a even better point of view, have your friends or family members go through your ad. Have them point out questions they might ask.

The Unwritten Rules of Advertising on Forums

Written by Martin Avis

There are thousands of newsgroups and forums online. They provide a fascinating and useful insight intorepparttar minds and methods of others who share our interests. They also act as an amazing resource for finding out almost anything you need to know.

Want your website critiqued? Ask at a forum. Want to know how to salvage Outlook? Ask at a forum. Want to know if a particular book is worth buying? Ask at a forum.

Almost anything is fair game - providing it is reasonably on topic. And dropping in to forums is a great way for newcomers to a field to rub shoulders withrepparttar 100941 old hands.

This openness leads to a temptation that is repeated over and over again. "Ah," many people think, "a highly targeted market! I must post an ad for my site and watch them beat my door down to buy my wares."

Wrong. That isrepparttar 100942 fastest way to oblivion.

Forums are not advertising notice boards. They are not likerepparttar 100943 pin board inrepparttar 100944 kitchen that anyone can put up a 'for sale' ad on.

Forums are much more likerepparttar 100945 coffee machine orrepparttar 100946 water cooler. People hang out, swap ideas, chat for a while. They don't want someone popping up every five minutes trying to sell them something. They are trying to chill out.

That isrepparttar 100947 warning. But like all warnings, it has a caveat: there are ways to get your advertising message across - if you followrepparttar 100948 unwritten rules.

So I figured I'd write those unwritten rules down.

The key to 'advertising' on forums and newsgroups is not to.

As soon as you put up a post that even looks remotely like an ad, you will usually either be removed by a moderator or flamed by incensed members. Quite right. They didn't ask for your commercial break and they certainly don't appreciate your intrusion.

Then,repparttar 100949 worst thing of all happens: your reputation is shot. Anyone in business should have a mind torepparttar 100950 long term. It is pointless to try to make money from one promotion -repparttar 100951 real value of marketing is repeat business. Spamrepparttar 100952 boards and forums and you will quickly find thatrepparttar 100953 word spreads. Nobody will want to do business with you.

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