Mind Over Matter…

Written by Patricia Reszetylo

Understanding where horses come from has been a long road for most equestrians. Using that new understanding can dramatically change how one handles, cares for, and trains or rides their horse.

“We treat horsesrepparttar way others tell us to, as well asrepparttar 143778 way we were treated as children,” says Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate, of Douglas Massachusetts. “That usually borders on abuse, even for experienced equestrians. My dad taught me that if I REALLY wanted to know about an animal, then I needed to look at things from its own point of view. I later triedrepparttar 143779 ‘formal,’ ‘traditional’ methods – and HATED it. When my daughter’s ‘babysitter’ mare was severely abused in our absence, traditional methods of discipline simply didn’t work, so I went back to my ‘feel’ methods to reclaimrepparttar 143780 mare’s mind.”

Four Cat Litter Box Location Sites In Your Home

Written by Nancy E. Wigal

You've heard that in real estate location is everything. This applies equally to your cat's litter box. Successful, consistent cat litter box habits depend upon several factors, andrepparttar litter location is crucial.

This article will highlight how you can successfully locate your cat's litter box to her (and your) satisfaction.

To begin, try to think like a cat. Where would you like to have a cat litter box? Eliminating one's waste is a vulnerable time. Cats need to feel safe and undisturbed while eliminating. Ifrepparttar 143770 cat doesn't feel comfortable, she'll seek out a location that satisfies her - but probably not you!

Ideally, you will locate your cat's litter box in a part of your residence that isn't heavily trafficked by family members. Some possibilities are:

- Basement (keeprepparttar 143771 door open at all times for easy accessibility)

- Bathroom (this depends upon if you're comfortable withrepparttar 143772 set up)

- Bedroom (considerrepparttar 143773 noise and smell factor, particularly if kitty does her business at 3 AM!)

- Closet (a place many feline owners don't think about, but can be very desirable for kitty)

If your home has a basement, this is oftenrepparttar 143774 most advantageous location for everyone. It's out ofrepparttar 143775 way, you rarely go there, andrepparttar 143776 smell and mess isn't intrusive. You do have to remember to visit several times a day to scoop out your cat's waste production. Ifrepparttar 143777 cat litter box is full, your cat will avoid it, and find another spot to do her business.

Many feline owners set uprepparttar 143778 cat litter box in their bathroom. The tile floor is easy to clean. It's a room that isn't occupied except forrepparttar 143779 essential business, and your cat usually has her privacy to eliminate with grace and dignity. However, if you're inrepparttar 143780 middle of your shower, putting on makeup, or otherwise engaged,repparttar 143781 cat litter box smell may be something you need to consider.

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