Milk Another Hour or Two Out of Your Day - Time Management

Written by Lisa Jay

Time management seems to be an issue in almost everyone's lives as there never seems to be enough time inrepparttar day to complete all ofrepparttar 116917 day to day tasks. Whether you are a stay at home parent, a work at home parent or you work outside ofrepparttar 116918 home, I am sure that you could use a few more hours in your day.

Here are several time management tips that will help you to use those few precious hours that you do have wisely;

Get organized! - I can't stress this enough. This isrepparttar 116919 first thing that absolutely needs to be done to improve your time management skills. Think about all ofrepparttar 116920 time that is wasted looking for things; looking for papers, phone numbers, supplies.....your desk top. Userepparttar 116921 first 15 minutes of your morning to organize your work area. Go over your "To Do" list and organizerepparttar 116922 things needed to accomplish them.

2. Identify your most productive time - You may be a morning person or an evening person. I do all of my most difficult tasks when I am fresh inrepparttar 116923 morning. Use your child's nap time or one hour of "TV time" for your kids to do your most difficult tasks.

3. Make your "To Do" listrepparttar 116924 night before - Know what you will accomplishrepparttar 116925 next day. That way, you start out with a goal in mind first thing inrepparttar 116926 morning rather than wandering around aimlessly. Divide your "To Do" list into several page; one list for things to do tomorrow, this week, and one for things to do this month. As you accomplish these goals, cross them off. I write my monthly goals on my calendar.

4. Find more time inrepparttar 116927 day - Need an extra hour inrepparttar 116928 day? Get up an hour early and have your first cup of coffee or tea sitting atrepparttar 116929 computer going through your e-mails, answering your e-mails and posting to forums. I call these my "day wasters".

5. Schedule it and stick with it Write one thing that you will accomplish on each day ofrepparttar 116930 week on your calendar. For instance, I file every Monday, do my on-line banking every Wednesday, update my web site on Friday......

6. Avoidrepparttar 116931 big "day wasters" - Forums, TV, surfingrepparttar 116932 web, and talking onrepparttar 116933 telephone are all huge "day waters" if not used properly. These are all great things, when used in moderation, but can become very addicting and you can seriously lose hours and hours of your day with all of them. Limit your "day wasters" torepparttar 116934 morning hour of your day. This is a huge time management tip!

7. Household chores and house cleaning - Clean one thing every day. Cleanrepparttar 116935 kitchen one day, vacuum one day, cleanrepparttar 116936 bathrooms one day..... Wash one load of cloths every day. Loadrepparttar 116937 washerrepparttar 116938 night before. Startrepparttar 116939 load of cloths washing as you head torepparttar 116940 coffee pot first thing inrepparttar 116941 morning. Dryrepparttar 116942 load while you are doing your other household chores, then hang and put it away. One load is so much more manageable than three! Make your bed and dorepparttar 116943 dishes before you "go to work". Tidyrepparttar 116944 night before so that you wake up to a neat house and are ready to start working.

"Starting An Online Business: Things to Learn and Remember"

Written by Karl Augustine

Since 96% of all online businesses fail, you should be careful, driven, smart, and adventurous when starting an online business. Obviously when starting an online business, avoiding mistakes is key to your success because online mistakes cost serious money and waste lots of valuable time.

Unfortunately you don't have a time machine to use to go back and "undo"repparttar mistakes that you might make.

Inrepparttar 116916 online world, mistakes are simply "business killers" and sadly, most people who start an online business never recover from those mistakes.

Here's some facts that may factor into your decision if you're thinking of starting an online business:

* When starting an online businessrepparttar 116917 average newbie loses between $1,500.00 to $2,500.00 inrepparttar 116918 first year of their online business on useless products and programs.

* The Department of Labor and Statistics says that 75,000 new people subscribe torepparttar 116919 Internet every day, 100,000 new web sites are built daily, and 125,000 people start a home-based business every week.

* 33% of all new millionaires achieve it through a home-based business.

With those types of statistics, its easy to see why starting an online business can have such a grand allure and be daunting all atrepparttar 116920 same time. In fact, starting an online business can be one ofrepparttar 116921 easiest things to actually do and can easily become a part-time profitable business if you do it right.

So what do you have to remember or learn when starting an online business?

Here's a partial list of 8 items:

Starting an online business item #1: Remember that you need to plan well, have a distinct plan for what you want to do and how you are going to get there. If you don't have detail ofrepparttar 116922 "how's" regarding starting your online business, you will most likely waste more money than you can afford to and burn up more time than you should. Define a clear path from "idea to sale" right fromrepparttar 116923 start and realize that your flexibility in that path will be key to your success.

Starting an online business item #2: Remember that there are lots of 'get rich quick' type schemes available that contribute torepparttar 116924 overall Internet business hype. If you buy into any of this when starting an online business, you'll actually digress rather than progress because you'll be distracted and you will not be able to maximize your time.

Starting an online business item #3: Remember that there are certain similarities to offline and online success, but there is a distinct difference between online marketing and offline marketing. When starting an online business, make sure that you take what you know as an offline marketer and utilize what works in your online business and discard what doesn't.

Starting an online business item #4: Remember that you will need to be highly critical of information and will need to crave information and knowledge when starting an online business. You will be bombarded with lots of information, schemes, products, resources, and tactics for success when starting an online business, its only natural. Remember to be logical and critical of such information and craverepparttar 116925 knowledge needed to decide whether or notrepparttar 116926 information is fitting for how you think, is useful to you in your online business, and has value to you regarding your long term plan.

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