Mike Tyson Scheduled Fight

Written by Elvis Preston King

There is some confusion overrepparttar fight date and whererepparttar 143664 fight will take place and against what opponent.

You author is a really big Mike Tyson fan and believes givenrepparttar 143665 chance he could get Mike back onrepparttar 143666 right track again. Not only inrepparttar 143667 boxing ring but in his life.

Your author knows what is like to have success very young as I had authored a famous book very young and then became a millionaire over night and then lost it all later in life. Wow that hurts. I personally know how Mike feels. I would like to have a chance to help him pick himself up offrepparttar 143668 canvas and fight again. Gainingrepparttar 143669 heavy weight championship title ofrepparttar 143670 world at twenty years old is very hard to deal with correctly. As a matter of fact is next to impossible.

I too like helpingrepparttar 143671 poor people. But Mike or I cannot do it if we don’t get back inrepparttar 143672 ring and fight, fight, fight. Our smiling broke faces won’t do much to support good causes.

I understand Mike and including his love for women. I am now in Estonia with a thousand dream girls but like Mike Tyson I like hot Dominican girls and if Mike likes I will introduce him to a thousand girls over there who won’t file rape charges against him. I was very angry when Mike lost three years of his life and career to a girl named Desiree who probably communicated to Mike that she wanted it then decided to take him down just to put a feather in her own cap. She is a you know what. Love and seduction is your author’s game. I holdrepparttar 143673 world record ofrepparttar 143674 most seductions of any man onrepparttar 143675 planet. A champion in my own right. I amrepparttar 143676 baddest playboy onrepparttar 143677 planet as Mike isrepparttar 143678 baddest fighter onrepparttar 143679 planet. He just needs an adjustment in his thinking.

The Making of a Billiards Champion (Series III of V)

Written by Jackie "The Angel" Broadhurst

“Stun Strokes” Once your fundamentals are correct and you are shooting with a straight and level cue, you need to masterrepparttar stun stroke. This shot isrepparttar 143663 most important shot because it gives you a reference for cue ball positioning.

Straight-In Stun Stroke When you hit a stun stroke on a straight in shot, it will produce a “stop shot.” In other words,repparttar 143664 ball stops as soon as it makes contact withrepparttar 143665 object ball. Factors that influence this are a blend ofrepparttar 143666 following; cue tip location, force, follow through, and quickness (the amount of time it takesrepparttar 143667 cue tip to accelerate throughrepparttar 143668 ball). There are an infinite number of blends of these variables that produce a stop shot. For example, you can use 4”of follow through with a small force OR only 1”of follow through with a large force to produce a stop shot. Play with these variables until you can manipulate each one and still getrepparttar 143669 same cue ball position. Measure your follow through by placing a ruler beside your cue tip. Then, varyrepparttar 143670 distance betweenrepparttar 143671 balls. Once you’ve mastered a stop shot with 1 diamond or 12” of distance, keep increasing it by another 12”. The more distance you have,repparttar 143672 more forward rotation or “high english”repparttar 143673 ball picks up before it strikesrepparttar 143674 object ball. Sorepparttar 143675 greaterrepparttar 143676 distance,repparttar 143677 lower you must hitrepparttar 143678 cue ball to produce a stun/stop shot.

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