Might Coffee be the most popular drink ever?

Written by Valerie Shapero

About 850 A.D it is said that a lone shepherd and his flock came across a strange and mysterious plant growing upon a secluded and forgotten hillside. Before he could stop them some of his herd had began to gnaw away at this unusual berry. After about fifteen minutes or sorepparttar herder started to notice that his sheep were behaving in an odd manner. Not only were they unusually alert but they also appeared to be extremely hyperactive. Now being a little weary and extremely tiredrepparttar 105380 shepherd decided to tryrepparttar 105381 berries and see ifrepparttar 105382 end results would berepparttar 105383 same for him as they had been for his flock. To his pleasant surpriserepparttar 105384 shepherd began to feel wide awake and he too became very alert. After a few hours had passed along came a wandering monk who, after being informed ofrepparttar 105385 plants amazing qualities proceeded to scoldrepparttar 105386 poor shepherd and lecture him on his foolish indulgence. After he had finished tellingrepparttar 105387 shepherd just what a sinner he had beenrepparttar 105388 monk set upon his journey but not before he had added a little something to his backpack and supplies.

Back atrepparttar 105389 monasteryrepparttar 105390 monks decided to try this new and exciting substance. Soonrepparttar 105391 endless hours of praying were endured withrepparttar 105392 greatest of ease. Coffee,repparttar 105393 drink had been revealed torepparttar 105394 world. Its widespread use then took a grip inrepparttar 105395 Ethiopian lands before then migrating on torepparttar 105396 Arabian outlands. Here it was to be held for many years as a sacred substance but was eventually to be unlawfully exported by a merchant called Baba Budan. Word of its qualities were soon to spread and within a few years coffee was to emerge as one ofrepparttar 105397 most valued commodities of all time. Now would you believe that each year we drink an amazing four billion cups and there are those among us who would cry atrepparttar 105398 thought of starting their day without it.

Although coffee is mainly known as a sleep suppressant there are those who consider coffee to have many health benefits. It is thought that people who suffer from asthma and partake ofrepparttar 105399 beverage have at least 25% less symptoms which may be due to a substance in coffee called theophylline. This is known as a bronchodilator and quite simply it is thought to help those who suffer withrepparttar 105400 disease to breath with a little more ease. Drinking coffee on a daily basis is also thought to help lower your chances of developing colon cancer by a figure also inrepparttar 105401 region of about 25%. This may be due torepparttar 105402 fact that coffee helps to keep you regular. Coffee can do more than just help you get through your day!

Kids Party Food

Written by Nicole

Planning a kids party invovlves you thinking of so many things - games, decorations, themes, gifts and of course food. But food is not as important as you think and with a bit of careful planning it can be made as "easy as pie"!.

You may be a gourmet cook and love to cook but my advice would be to keeprepparttar party food simple. Many a time I have spent worrying and slaving over recipe books up till midnight but whenrepparttar 105379 day comes, only half of it is eaten.

You should have some party food but food is a lower priority forrepparttar 105380 kids than playing games, friends getting together and simply having fun. Teenagers are an exception, as teenage boys especially seem to have a voracious appetite so make PLENTY of it.

Remember a lot of kids are fussy eaters, even if your child is not, so err onrepparttar 105381 side of caution. Concentrate on child friendly and fun party foods. Let your standards slip for once, but do bear in mind that too much sugary foods and drinks can cause very hyperactive children.

Tips for perfect party food planning:

* Plan ahead. The time of day forrepparttar 105382 party will influencerepparttar 105383 type of party food that you may want to provide. If you are going for mid morning or mid afternoon, snacks will be fine. Think about how much you andrepparttar 105384 kids would normally eat around that time of day. Plan how many kids are coming and allow 34 different savoury plus 2-3 sweet party food choices as well asrepparttar 105385 cake. Don't forget that some kids have ALLERGIES especially to nuts, but in general their parents should inform you of this before hand.

Prepare as much party food as you can in advance. Make use of your freezer if you have one, as you really won't want to be doing much cooking onrepparttar 105386 day. Leave yourself time to be having fun withrepparttar 105387 kids.

* What party food should you have? Discuss with your child what party food she/he would like and allow treats to makerepparttar 105388 day feel special. If you are having a theme party this may well dictaterepparttar 105389 sort of food that you might choose. Finger foods, especially forrepparttar 105390 under 7's, are much more child friendly and practical than a child balancing a plate of food on their laps. Younger kids are also likely to eat more if they can come and go torepparttar 105391 food table.

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