Middle-Aged Managers, the Forgotten Digital Divide

Written by Mary Carroll

The digital divide is defined byrepparttar role computers play within widening social gaps in our society, asrepparttar 141582 condition of one group having an advantage over another group in regard to computers, technology skills and Internet access.

This is usually thought of as being a divide betweenrepparttar 141583 white middle class and minority communities; but there is another often overlooked class of nonusers,repparttar 141584 middle-aged corporate manager. As computer skills play an increasingly important role in building careers, many have not acquiredrepparttar 141585 necessary technological skills needed to keep up.

Being computer illiterate in todayís high-tech business world is almost indistinguishable from being functionally illiterate. And itís difficult to believe there are successful people inrepparttar 141586 business world who do not know how to use a computer. Unfortunately, these corporate managers are mistaken inrepparttar 141587 belief that they can avoid computers and remain successful inrepparttar 141588 workplace.

Inrepparttar 141589 late 1990ís, I was hired by a successful direct sales catalog company to design their sales catalogs. The Director of Advertising was in his mid 50ís and had, overrepparttar 141590 years, had a successful career. He was in his late 40ís when desktop computers first came intorepparttar 141591 workplace and he had no interest in learning a new technology. He assumed, that because he had never needed computer technology to succeed inrepparttar 141592 past that he didnít need it now.

At first he escaped learning computers by joking aboutrepparttar 141593 new technology, and later he relied on his employees to write his emails, schedules, spreadsheets etc. Eventually, he becamerepparttar 141594 only company executive who didnít have a computer on his desk. In his stubbornness not to learnrepparttar 141595 new technology, he had become a dinosaur.

He resisted and resented learning how to use a computer. Atrepparttar 141596 beginning of every year he made a resolution to get a computer and learn all about it; but he never followed through.

When he attempted to modify a computer file himself, he would holdrepparttar 141597 mouse backwards. When he didnít getrepparttar 141598 response he wanted, heíd slamrepparttar 141599 mouse down hard onrepparttar 141600 desk in frustration.

Students Searching For A Job

Written by Heather Eagar

Searching for a job has become easier than ever for those who are graduating from school and looking to enterrepparttar workforce. Many schools offer guidance services as well as networking opportunities for graduates looking for work after finishing school. Recruiters often work hand in hand with career services on a number of campuses to connect withrepparttar 141446 kind of individuals they have in mind for specific positions. While these types of services can open doors to several people, hardly anything offers more in their job search than online employment web sites.

The number of online employment web sites with thousands of positions just waiting forrepparttar 141447 right person to apply for them are plentiful Ė and most likely one ofrepparttar 141448 best places to do a student job search. Online job websites feature a number of entry level positions as well as higher level positions to those who meet specific qualifications. Those who arenít limited to a restricted location for employment can benefit from online employment web sites that feature national job listings. People who have a specific locale that they need to work in can often narrow down their search by region.

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