Mid-East Oil Reserves and the War on Terror.

Written by SuperSonic Squirrel

Mid-East Oil Reserves and America's War on Terrorism. 01/25/2005

There can be said a number of reasons why we have gone to war in Iraq, but that isn'trepparttar purpose of this short essay. The approach torepparttar 113466 problem of Iraq and its effects onrepparttar 113467 American government and its people is much deeper and can be much darker.

Using as an examplerepparttar 113468 American wheat reserves and how unused reserves can control world wheat prices,repparttar 113469 same can be said for oil. With Iraq havingrepparttar 113470 second largest oil reserves inrepparttar 113471 world, untapped,repparttar 113472 economics ofrepparttar 113473 animal show that someday, if not already, Iraq will be a major player inrepparttar 113474 pricing and distribution of world wide oil.

Asrepparttar 113475 United States developed, overrepparttar 113476 decades, it's economy grew to where it had a dominate effect on other countries ofrepparttar 113477 world. This meansrepparttar 113478 language people spoke,repparttar 113479 money they used, andrepparttar 113480 practices they carried were all effected byrepparttar 113481 world dominating economy ---repparttar 113482 American economy. The value of US backed loans were as solid as any loan could be and many nations wanted to be a part of this U.S. based world economy as it meant wealth and development. Along with this American economy, that spread aroundrepparttar 113483 world, also spreadrepparttar 113484 thoughts that were common with American thinking. Marketing practices,repparttar 113485 legal world, industry, and religion.

American religion and values, mostly Christianity based, spread aroundrepparttar 113486 world, replacing native religions withrepparttar 113487 Western World thinking (which had its roots in Europe). This has gone on for over a hundred and fifty years, and now Christianity is found in every country on this earth. But,repparttar 113488 development and rise of Islam has been occurring inrepparttar 113489 background as Christianity coveredrepparttar 113490 globe. The two religions compete against each other forrepparttar 113491 hearts and minds of followers who will continue and increaserepparttar 113492 education of their different beliefs.

Land of the Free

Written by Joyce C. Lock

"God Bless America" is a well-known phrase throughoutrepparttar land. The Bible tells us how to receive His blessings. Yet, America is running inrepparttar 113465 opposite direction. By their example, our forefathers taught how to make America great. Our nation was founded "Under God" forrepparttar 113466 purpose of freedom in worship; a privilege that brings God's blessings every time. Our coins are a reminder of their heart, "In God We Trust"; where God always looks first. The Ten Commandments were their moral guideline;repparttar 113467 system set up by God for a better way of life. Men believed so strongly that they fought and died forrepparttar 113468 cause of America and Pilgrims risked their lives to be a part of it. Yet, today, we see a new breed of ‘would be’ forefathers who; vote their wallet instead of their conscience, dictate what we should believe to justify their lifestyle, lookrepparttar 113469 other way rather than stand for Godly values, wear as many faces as it takes to reach prominent positions, and attend church to make further business contacts.

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