Microsoft Optical Mouse

Written by Laura Hickey

The mouse with a ball in it did okay for a while. But it started to get stuck and needed to be cleaned often. It seemed time to stop buying mouses withrepparttar ball inside and upgrade to a sleeker design. One mouse that caught my eye wasrepparttar 142191 Microsoft Optical mouse. It comes with a 3 year warranty and system requirements are windows 95, 98, ME, NT with service pack or later, 2000 and

10 amazing facts you might not know about television

Written by Irene Revallio

Byrepparttar timerepparttar 142148 typical U.S. youth has reached eighteen years of age they would have spent about 25000 hours watching tv. This means they would have actually spent more time watching televison than learning at school. The 1st colour television transmission occurred in John Logie Bairds English studio back in 1928.This transmission showed some blue and red scarves and a UK policeman's hat. Also shown was a mixed bunch of flowers, a guy poking his tongue out andrepparttar 142149 smouldering end of a cigarette. The first ever TV advert in history lasted twenty seconds and was for a clock manufactured by a corporation called Bulova. This company also manufacturedrepparttar 142150 1st timepiece that went into space. The commercial was seen in July 1941 and went out during a game being played byrepparttar 142151 Brooklyn Dodgers andrepparttar 142152 Philadelphia Phillies. The famous revolving globe that is utilized byrepparttar 142153 NBC news series spent many years turning inrepparttar 142154 wrong direction. In 1984 this was eventually found and on January 2nd this was put right and nowrepparttar 142155 globe is turning correctly. Way back in 1950 only 10 percent of U.S. households had a television in their possession. By 1960 this had changed to an unbeleivable 90 percent whilst today it is 99 percent with fifty four percent of U.S youngsters having one in their bedroom. Now more of us have tv's than we do a phone. The highest ever fee given to do a television advertisement was $2,000,000 per thirty seconds of time. This was paid by advertisers to run their adds duringrepparttar 142156 very last American screening ofrepparttar 142157 popular comedy series friends. The show was aired by American TV company NBC on May 6 2004 and lasted for a whole hour.

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