Microsoft Great Plains Implementation: Placement/Recruiting Agency example – overview for consultant

Written by Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Great Plains does wonderful ERP job for horizontal markets and clientele. However in our opinion placement software market is underserved and needs custom modules to be developed. Inrepparttar case of Microsoft Great Plains we see numerous examples of in-house or outsourced customization done for Great Plains Dynamics/Microsoft Great Plains in order to automate placement agency workflow and processes. In our opinion Great Plains is good choice, consideringrepparttar 137880 side of placement and recruiting companies: mid-size or even small. Let us give you highlights from our consulting practice.

•Full-Featured custom placement business system. Technically Great Plains gives you functionality to develop integrated custom application, where you could build custom logic, extending Great Plains Receivables Management, Payables Management and other modules. You could implement complex recruiter commissioning schema, based on number of months ofrepparttar 137881 placed employee work, etc. This isrepparttar 137882 most typical case – placement agency contracts Great Plains VAR to implement their custom Business Management System.

•Payroll Outsourcer. If you do payroll outsourcing – this is popular customization for Microsoft Great Plains. You usually have to create new Great Plains company for your client – who is typically placement agency

Top Five Online Scams

Written by Gary Gresham

The top five online scams onrepparttar Internet hit nearly ten million people last year according to an FBI report in December 2004. That figure doubled from 2003 to 2004 and people are continuing to fall for these email and identity theft scams. These con artists and hackers are just waiting to commit online fraud and steal your identity. Look carefully at these top five online scams and be aware of what is going on so you won't become a victim. Scam # 1 Online Auction Scam You buy something on an online auction, send themrepparttar 137865 money and get nothing in return. Orrepparttar 137866 product you get is a fake or a cheap knockoff instead ofrepparttar 137867 genuine brand name item. This is a risk you take when buying from an online auction. Scam # 2 Phishing Scam The phishing definition is when a fraudster spamsrepparttar 137868 Internet with email claiming to be from a reputable bank. The email outfitted with authentic bank logos asks you to log in and verify your account information. The theif captures your account information fromrepparttar 137869 web adress they take you to and drains your account. These can also become identity theft scams too because they can sell your information to other criminals. Scam # 3 Nigerian Letter Scam These email scams usually start out with all capital letters and begins with: DEAR SIR/MADAM. The email goes on to say they arerepparttar 137870 some minister of something for an African country. He wants you to help him get millions of dollars out ofrepparttar 137871 country. You just need to pay for legal fees and some other advanced fees beforerepparttar 137872 transaction can be finalized. You would think people would be too smart to fall for this. But you would be wrong. Scam # 4 Reshipping Scam You are emailed by an offshore corporation that needs a U.S. address and bank account which you supply. You receive goods and reship them to another country. You receive wire transfers into your bank account and you transfer money into their offshore account. In return you get to keep a percentage of everything. But with this scam you are taking a big risk because you could get arrested for participating in moving stolen property and transferring stolen funds. Scam # 5 Congratulations You've Won Scam This email tells you have won a nice prize like a plasma TV, a new computer or evenrepparttar 137873 lottery. All you have to do to claim your prize is go to this web address and pay forrepparttar 137874 shipping and handling with your credit card. Inrepparttar 137875 case of winningrepparttar 137876 lottery they need advanced fees to cover legal costs. Not only do you never getrepparttar 137877 prize but you start getting mysterious charges on your credit card.

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