Microsoft Great Plains Implementation: Healthcare/Hospital example – overview for consultant

Written by Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Great Plains fits multiple services market niche and healthcare is not exemption. Inrepparttar case of Healthcare/Hospital there is usually healthcare patient history tracking system in place and backoffice or accounting application should be integrated onrepparttar 137885 ongoing basis withrepparttar 137886 above mentioned system plus often Hospital or association is non-profit organization and non-for-profit accounting specifics should be taken into consideration.

•Integration. Great Plains is MS SQL Server based application and SQL scripting/stored procedures isrepparttar 137887 choice for ongoing integration. The second option is Great Plains Integration Manager – it is end-user tool and it should be considered ifrepparttar 137888 integration volume is low or moderate (up to thousand transactions per day). Usually you do integrate customer billing records and do billing from Great Plains. Great Plains advanced reporting functionality will allow you to control your cost and expenses.

•Financial Reporting. FRx isrepparttar 137889 tool of choice inrepparttar 137890 case of Microsoft Great Plains. Being healthcare organization you can consolidate multiple companies (hospitals or clinics) and have all standard and advanced financial reports: Income Statement, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet. Reporting tree utilization in FRx allows you to select business units and do performance comparison

Microsoft Great Plains Implementation: Pharmaceutical Corporation Specifics – overview for consultant

Written by Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains serves mid-size and large clients in horizontal and vertical markets. Historically Great Plains Software was encouraging ISV partner to write third party modules and later on – Great Plains Software had a chance to selectrepparttar product for incorporation into their core set of modules: Manufacturing, Project Accounting, Purchase Order Processing, Collection Management, etc. Today we’ll consider Microsoft Great Plains implementation specifics for large pharmaceutical corporation.

•Product Research cost. New product research and testing could be grouped into cost center and Microsoft Great Plains offers several Project solutions. The most reliable way is to deploy Great Plains Project Accounting. This module could work inrepparttar 137884 multicurrency environment, when you incur R&D cost in multiple countries. Then inrepparttar 137885 first year of product release you can track P&L by your product. There are certain restrictions, however – you typically have one customer, who pays your Project bills. Obviously it is notrepparttar 137886 case for new product. However you can consider your organization as an association of internal customers

•Multinational Payroll. In each country you have to implement Payroll solution. Inrepparttar 137887 case of Microsoft Great Plains you can have separate company for each local subsidiary and implement US, Canadian, Brazilian, Middle Eastern Payroll modules as well as Payroll custom solutions for most of Latin American countries, South Africa and Australia

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