Microsoft Great Plains: if you are orphan client – what to-do and FAQ

Written by Andrew Karasev

Microsoft Business Solutions Great Plains, former Great Plains Software eEnterprise, Dynamics and Dynamics C/S+ is very popular ERP and since 1994 has been successfully implemented for mid-size and mid-size to large companies inrepparttar USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Middle East. Duringrepparttar 142659 economic recession time 2001-2004repparttar 142660 majority of businesses cut to virtually zero their IT/computer support expenses and stayed with hardware and software. Atrepparttar 142661 same time consulting companies: Great Plains Software and later on Microsoft Business Solutions Partners, VARs, Resellers and ISVs had to reduce their workforce, merge with large auditing companies or simply close their doors. The result of these two tendencies was huge number of so-called Microsoft Great Plains and Great Plains Dynamics orphan clients. In 2005 we seerepparttar 142662 signs of economy recovery: companies invested into new computer hardware and OS: Windows 2003 servers, Windows XP Pro workstations, Microsoft Exchange, etc. Now it is time for them to upgrade/recover their Great Plains Dynamics or migrate Great Plains Accounting to Microsoft Great Plains. Let’s considerrepparttar 142663 steps required to upgrade your ERP system: •Annual Enhancement Program. Minimal plan is 16% ofrepparttar 142664 software list price. Microsoft Great Plains requires professional support and Microsoft Business Solutions serves its clients through MBS partner network. This means that you need to pick up Microsoft Business Solutions partner you like and have them reenroll you into annual maintenance program. Unfortunately Microsoft requires you to pay penalty to reenroll, but from time to time it has promotion campaigns whenrepparttar 142665 penalty is partially waived. When you are back inrepparttar 142666 program – you will get reg key forrepparttar 142667 new version and if needed you can purchase additional user licenses and modules

Protecting Your Computer from Adware and Spyware

Written by Amanda Huber

Recently, while checking our company web site statistics, we noticed a number of referrals from gambling and pornography sites. Since we are certain these types of sites would not house links to us, we investigated further and determined that some of our faithful visitors may berepparttar victims of adware or spyware.

What is adware?

Adware, in it's most sinister incarnation, is a program that runs on your computer (like a virus) and occassionally pops up ads or redirects your browser to websites you had not chosen to visit.

What is spyware?

Spyware is software that collects personal information from you without your knowledge or permission. The information spyware collects can range from allrepparttar 142630 web sites you visit to sensitive information including user names and passwords.

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